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Boreas makes campers built for adventure and ready to brave any road or weather conditions.

If you have been lucky enough to take a cross-country camping adventure, you know it’s exciting, eye-opening and… challenging. The unexpected seems to be waiting around every corner, and Boreas makes off-road campers that always expect the unexpected. 

Designed to excel in everything from smooth asphalt to snow-covered rocky terrain, our overland campers combine style, craftsmanship, and functionality to produce the best adventure trailers and off-road campers on the market.

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5 Reasons to Travel in an Off-Road Camper

Teardrop campers and off-road trailers are an investment, but when built correctly, they’ll last a lifetime. Here are 5 reasons that Boreas campers make your life better:

  1. Ultimate Base Camp. The versatility of overland campers allows you to easily set up camp in any weather. And while you’re outside enjoying your favorite things in life, you’ll rest assured you have a sturdy, comfortable base camp awaiting you.
  2. No Experience Necessary. Weighing in at 2200lbs, our adventure trailers pack all the convenience of traditional trailers without all the traditional weight. Whether you’re navigating switchback trails or hitting the pavement on your next expedition, the design of our chassis makes towing a breeze.
  3. Low Maintenance. Our off-road campers come without all the fuss of traditional RVs like motors and drivetrains, keeping maintenance costs and headaches at a minimum. Plus, our “zero wood” construction means no worrying about rot, mold, or other unsavory problems that wood can cause.
  4. Ready at a Moment’s Notice. No need to load and unload your vehicle for every camping trip. Leave the Boreas packed and stocked. When adventure calls, hook up and hit the trail! And because our overland campers fit in your garage, you’ll always be ready to leave when adventure calls!
  5. No Reservations Required. The Boreas Campers come off-grid ready!  No need to plug in at a campground for electricity or water. Find that dirt road and just get lost!

What to Look for in an Off-Road Camper

We know off-road teardrop campers are a big purchase, so when it does come time to buy, here are some things to look for:

All of these come standard on the Boreas Campers XT off-road adventure trailers. With this turnkey model you can be sure it is the right fit for you. 

Each off-road camper features a fully independent, axle-less suspension system and 19 inches of ground clearance. And check out the owners and dealers that offer rental options so you can try out our camper to make sure it's the perfect fit.

Have any more questions? Check out these FAQs.

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The Country’s Best Off-Road Camper Trailers

If you’re searching for the best off-road camper, look no further than Boreas Campers. Inspired by America’s natural beauty, we design and manufacture overland campers to enjoy the great outdoors no matter the outside weather conditions.

Every Boreas is hand-assembled by our team in Pueblo, Colorado. We take pride in using only the highest quality materials available and build our hand-crafted trailers for life. 

Want to talk to an expert about Boreas trailers for rent and for sale? Contact one of our dealers today! 

Features of Boreas Campers Models

AT Camper Trailer

XT Camper Trailer

EOS-12 Camper Trailer

Fresh Water Tank with Pump
Propane Tank/Mount
Hot Water Shower
Truma fridge/freezer
Zamp Solar Panel/Charge Controller
Powder Coated Steel Frame
Fully Composite Construction
Roof Rack
Cruisemaster Independent Suspension
Cruisemaster D035 Hitch Coupler
Pop top roof
Wet Bath
Garmin Fusion Operating System
Truma Combi furnace and water heater
Heated/insulated tanks/lines


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What Boreas Owners Are Saying area

Joyce K.
I love my Teardrop from Into the Wild. It is up to any adventure, large or small. We have slept comfortably in rest stops in WY and the middle of nowhere UT. We have traveled for weeks, the kitchen has been great! The...
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Nick D.
Matt builds an absolutely first-rate trailer. After months and months of research, I am confident in saying that the Boreas XT is one of, if not the best thought-out offroad travel trailers on the market. I'm consiste...
Read more
Nicci M.
Best decision made, worth the money hands down. Matt is great to work with and always makes sure his campers are top notch and work properly.
Michael G.
If you’re looking for a way to get away, check these out. Our Boreas has been one of the best purchases we’ve made. We keep it loaded and ready to go so we can get to the mountains at moments notice. Our trailer has h...
Read more
Shan M.
Owning a Boreas XT and working with Matt has been a pleasure! Customer service runs neck and neck with producing a quality product. From campgrounds in the Sawtooths, and friendly driveways in Haden ID, weeks out in N...
Read more
Franklin C.
We bought our trailer in May and we couldn’t be happier. I toured the shop before I bought and I saw the dedication they took to make a quality trailer. The build quality and materials are all very impressive. We have...
Read more
Jake D.
Great people. Great product. Delivered when they said and what they promised. I rented a Boreas in June, and then had to have one.
Diane M.
We have had a Boreas XT for over a year and absolutely love it. Our adventures have tripled since we got it and already have several more trips planned for this year as well as a trip to Alaska for next year. We have...
Read more
Bill M.
We have now had our Boreas XT for a year with some 3000 miles towing (Ford F-150 4X4) on various surfaces. We very much enjoy the life style made easy by this rugged trailer with its well designed accomodations and c...
Read more
Christina C.
I don't usually take the time to post reviews, but I feel compelled to do so for this product and the owner Matt. We researched diligently to find just the right camp trailer for a year before we settled on the Boreas...
Read more
Matt B.
Amazing company, customer service, and product! I knew going into this trailer purchase that I was interested in the Boreas XT. After dealing some with Adam and Maggie I was very drawn to the company and product, with...
Read more
Alexandra L.
We’ve had two trips in our new Boreas XT and absolutely love it!! It’s everything we wanted when it comes to size, weight and functionality. We have 4 more big trips planned through the rest of the year and can’t wait...
Read more
Michelle G.
I purchased my 2019 Boreas MXT in March of this year from Adam at B&B RV in Denver. It was a used unit. I brought it up to Alaska in May. I was able to stop by the shop in Arvada and meet Matt and Maggie. While at the...
Read more
Ken W.
I got this trailer earlier in the year before this COVID mess and finally got to take it out. I’m so glad I got the Boreas XT compared to other tear drop trailer competitors. This is a solId, well built trailer that...
Read more
Matt M
Our Boreas camper is awesome!.. It's so easy to tow, we can be set up in camp in a handful of minutes and I sleep better in the Boreas than I do at home!.. we've taken it for week long trips off the grid and it's so a...
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Sarah F.
Excellent quality camper - built locally in Colorado. wonderful community of people who love their campers! Many years of fun and camping made easy.. hot water shower.. WHAT?? So awesome. Never ran out of power.. neve...
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Erin C.
My experience buying an RV was better than I could have expected. Adam communicated to us in a timely manner and answered all of our questions without hesitation. I felt reassured with our buying decision and will def...
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David C.
These guys really build an great Camper! Believe me, the pictures do not do this thing justice. This thing is a beast!!! I traveled over 2000 miles to bring it home. It handles so smoothly, I barely knew I was towing ...
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Gil B.
I’m extremely happy with my XT. The build quality and amenities are tough to beat. All that and it follows my Land Cruiser wherever it goes (most often far, far away from people). It’s nice to be able to camp for e...
Read more
Matt T.
Really enjoying my Boreas Camper XT I picked up last September. It allows extended camping trips to be easy with its amenities: fridge, heater, shower and solar. The pop-up awning on the rear is awesome, up in seconds...
Read more
Joseph S.
The team at Boreas have been great to work with. I typically am a research it and then decide guy. My partner took me to tour at the factory and we put a deposit down immediately. Adam kept us up to date on what was h...
Read more
Santiago A.
Have had a great experience so far. My family and I went on a week-long adventure through Yellowstone National Park and the solar system came in very handy to keep our gadgets powered. Not to mention the great cooking experience in the galley area.
Eric V.
We’re very happy with our recent XT purchase. With COVID-19, we knew there would be a waiting list (and there was), but we received ours a bit ahead of schedule. So happy to have waited on a quality product, made lo...
Read more

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