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Enjoy an unforgettable camping experience with one of our off-road camper trailers! Into the Wild Overland’s Boreas models can help you discover the beauty of the backcountry in comfort and style.

There’s nothing better than hitting the road on a 4WD camping adventure across the country in your off road camper, with everything you need within easy reach. Into the Wild Overland’s campers are designed to withstand a wide range of driving conditions, down to the most extreme rocky terrain. We are the trailer manufacturer that combines style, craftsmanship, and convenience to provide our customers with the best off road campers on the market.

When you buy our trailer, you know you are getting a top-grade handcrafted vehicle.

5 Reasons to Travel in an Off Road Camper Trailer

An off road teardrop trailer is a big investment. If you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, here are 5 great reasons to buy a camper:

  1. Ultimate Base Camp. The versatility of an off road camper trailer allows you to set up camp, disconnect, and still have a vehicle for the day to day adventures.  Allowing you to return to base camp with cold drinks and a cozy cabin waiting.
  2. No Experience Necessary. Weighing in at 1,950lbs the camper is easily towed by many vehicles  The design of our chassis makes towing a breeze, whether you’re navigating switchback trails or hitting the pavement to the next expedition.  
  3. Low maintenance. Since you’re not purchasing an RV with a motor and drivetrain, maintenance costs are kept to a bare minimum.  Plus with our “zero wood” construction there is no need to worry about rot, mold, or degrading materials. And it fits in your garage!
  4. Ready at a Moments Notice. No need to load and unload your vehicle for every camping trip. Leave the Boreas packed and stocked. When adventure calls, hook-up and hit the trail!    
  5. No Reservations Required. The Boreas Campers come off-grid ready!  No need to plug in at a campground for electricity or water. Find that dirt road and just drive!

What to Look for in an Off Road Teardrop Camper

Before you commit to buying a camper, make sure it’s equipped with everything you might need for your next trip, including:  

  • Timbren independent suspension
  • Fully insulated with a forced air furnace
  • A/C option available
  • Composite and aluminum cabin (no wood)
  • electric brakes and BFG all terrain tires
  • CNC cut and powder coated frame
  • 20 gallons of fresh water
  • On-demand hot water shower
  • 110 watts of solar and AGM battery
  • Stainless steel sink and stove
  • Dometic CFX refrigerator
  • ARB 2000 awning with optional room enclosure
  • Aluminum Roof Rack

Into the Wild Overland’s 4x4 off road teardrop camper trailers provide all that and more. We offer two models of campers: Boreas XT and Boreas MXT. Each camper features a fully independent, axle-less suspension system, and 20 inches of ground clearance. If you’re still on the fence, we offer rental options. 

The Best Off Road Camper Trailers in the country

If you’re searching for the best off road camper, look no further than Into the Wild Overland. Inspired by America’s natural beauty, we started designing and manufacturing overland campers that can tackle any weather conditions.

Every Boreas camper is hand-assembled by our Arvada team. To ensure that the customers are getting the best overland camper, we use the highest quality materials available. Contact one of our dealers to get the best off road camper for rent or sale.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Joyce K.
I love my Teardrop from Into the Wild. It is up to any adventure, large or small. We have slept comfortably in rest stops in WY and the middle of nowhere UT. We have traveled for weeks, the kitchen has been great! The...
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Nick D.
Matt builds an absolutely first-rate trailer. After months and months of research, I am confident in saying that the Boreas XT is one of, if not the best thought-out offroad travel trailers on the market. I'm consiste...
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Nicci M.
Best decision made, worth the money hands down. Matt is great to work with and always makes sure his campers are top notch and work properly.
Michael G.
If you’re looking for a way to get away, check these out. Our Boreas has been one of the best purchases we’ve made. We keep it loaded and ready to go so we can get to the mountains at moments notice. Our trailer has h...
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Shan M.
Owning a Boreas XT and working with Matt has been a pleasure! Customer service runs neck and neck with producing a quality product. From campgrounds in the Sawtooths, and friendly driveways in Haden ID, weeks out in N...
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