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Stay warm and toasty in your Boreas XT camper trailer with the Propex furnace


The Propex forced-air furnacekeeps the cabin of the Boreas Camper Trailer nice and warm on chilly nights

Boreas Campers are equipped to keep you cozy in the wintertime, and a lot of that is thanks to the Propex furnace.

The 5500 btu unit uses propane to keep you nice and warm on chilly nights. The digital thermostat makes setting your ideal temperature a breeze, and the furnace will kick on and off to keep the cabin of the camper trailer toasty through the night.

The unit is housed under an aluminum cage that allows access but keeps the top cool so you can still throw duffel bags or other equipment on top of it.

The standard 11 lb propane tank on the Boreas XT is enough to power the furnace for 35 hours straight. So with typical use you’ve got plenty of heat to keep you warm for those winter trips.

cabin furnace of a camper trailercabin furnace of a camper trailerfurnace vents in a camper trailer

When Matt, Boreas Campers Founder and President, went out for a winter photo shoot with Justin, Operations Manager and in-house Photographer/Videographer they did not realize they would be camping 20 miles away from the site of the coldest recorded temperature in 2020 in the lower 48 states. They were outside Buena Vista, Colorado the night that Antero Reservoir got down to -50F. Talk about a chilly night! The Propex kept Matt nice and warm in the Boreas. And don’t worry, Justin had a heater in his truck setup as well.

camping in a camper trailer on a cold night

We really appreciate the furnace on both the bitingly cold nights in the winter and those surprisingly chilly nights in the high country or desert in the summer. We’ll turn the furnace on for 5 minutes when we crawl in the cabin, close the doors and put up the insulated window covers. Combined with the extra insulated panels that’s enough to be nice and toasty for the rest of the night.

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