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There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when purchasing a top-of-the-line camper trailer. Here are some of the most common ones we receive: 

Why is no-wood construction so important?

Boreas Campers are built with a combination of metal and composite. This has allowed us to build a lighter and stronger trailer that will last a lifetime. With nothing to rot, mold, or degrade overtime your investment in adventure is safe. Read more about this on our blog post about ditching wood.

What is the dry weight of a Boreas camper?

2021 Boreas XT - 2,200lbs

What is the tongue weight?

2021  Boreas XT - 210 lbs

Please  check out this blog post  on the importance of tongue weight and trailer balance.

How many people can a Boreas sleep?

The Boreas AT and XT sleep two adults inside.

For additional sleeping you can add the 23Zero awning room enclosure or you can add a roof top tent. Properly equipped you can sleep up to 6 people!

The upcoming XT-12 is equipped to sleep 4.

What is the lead time for a camper?

With current demand we are booking trailers to be delivered around the fall of 2021.

Does the Boreas come with a warranty?

Lifetime Warranty!! Our lifetime +2 warranty is the best in the industry. We stand behind our products without hesitation.

Learn more about the lifetime warranty here

How long will my battery last off-grid?

All campers come standard with a 125-amp hour AGM battery. Depending on use this will last 3-4 days. This is based on zero charge from the solar or vehicle.

With the 100w Zamp solar panel or a portable system the battery will run all your needs for weeks on end. With proper power management a camper can run for months without the need to plug in.

Can I have water in my system in the winter?

The water system on the XT needs to be winterized when camping in below freezing temperatures. There is a step by step guide in the owner’s manual, and on the blog.

The XT-12 has tanks and lines to allow for winter use.

Why is Cruisemaster axel-less suspension standard?

If our campers had a standard trailer axle, we could not, in good conscious, call it “off-road”. Cruisemaster provides superior ride and tow performance when compared to a leaf spring or torsion axle. The independent suspension offers 19” of ground clearance for any trail you want to take it on. It also lowers the vibration and abuse caused from standard trailer suspensions.

What types of options are available? 

Roof top tents, portable A/C, dual batteries, portable solar, shower room enclosures, bike rack systems, jerry cans, and much more.

If you have a question about add-ons to your Boreas Camper reach out to your nearest dealer or contact Boreas Campers directly.

What type of tow vehicle do I need?

It is always best to check your vehicle owner’s manual or connect directly with the manufacturer. Typically, we recommend a V6-powered vehicle however, with the ever-changing performance and capabilities of vehicles some 4 cylinders are now powerful enough. We recommend NEVER maxing out your tow rating.

Do the campers have brakes?

Yes all campers come standard with 12 inch electric brakes.

Can I match wheels and tires to my tow vehicle?

We do not match wheels and tires to vehicles. We use a very specific wheel off-set and backspace to give you the best performance and durability of the Cruisemaster suspension. Using different wheel and tire set ups will cause undue stress and premature wear on the suspension.

We also run a narrow tire (9.3” wide). A wider tire can cause hydroplaning of this size of camper, ultimately lowering your safety and performance of the trailer and tow vehicle.

Where most builders use a 10” brake we use a 12” brake which limits the available bolt patterns.

Will this camper fit in a garage?

The Boreas AT and XT will fit in a standard garage. Overall height of the camper with the awning is 80.5”.

Can I customize my camper?

In order to offer the best value, we typically do not offer custom options. This allows us to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce costs. If you have a question on this, please  contact your nearest dealer  or reach out directly to Boreas Campers.


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