Why we ditched plywood and you should too


We don't use any wood to build the Boreas. Here's why:

As you may know, the Boreas is one of the few offroad camper trailers built with NO WOOD.  Fiberglass , aluminum and other composite materials are used in its place. This is a big deal for a few reasons.

Fiberglass will not rot, mold, mildew or succumb to termites.

The exterior is repairable. Dents, punctures and scratches are all easy mended. The typical aluminum panels are not: once a scratch is in there, it ain’t coming out.

Because of its durability, the resale value is significantly higher than that of a plywood trailer.

By going from wood to composite materials, we reduced the waste produced during the manufacturing process by 40%. These materials are cut to our exact size which means efficient construction and minimal waste.

In addition, moving from wood to composite materials cut the weight of the trailer by 15% while increasing the strength and integrity of the unit. So now the trailer that you know and love will last a lifetime (and more!) because of the quality and type of materials used in construction.

With wood, we use the analogy of a roofer: no matter how good your roofer is, eventually you will have to have it replaced. We want to eliminate having to replace it by replacing the materials we use.The camper that offers trips of a lifetime now lasts for a lifetime, thanks to fiberglass  and composite materials. Leave the trees in the woods so you have a good shady spot to camp. 

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