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Brakes, Tires and Fenders on the Boreas offroad camper


Learn more about what keeps the Boreas offroad camper rolling

The design around the tires of the Boreas Campers trailer is just as intentional as the inside, but easier to overlook. The brakes, tires and fenders have been added in a way that contributes stability, security and function to the overall form.

The electric brakes on the trailer help manage the extra weight that your tow vehicle is accommodating. When synced with your vehicle via the 7-pin plugin on the hitch, the brakes engage a second after you hit the brakes in the driver’s seat. This way the trailer helps check your speed when going down a mountain pass on the highway at 70 mph, or inching down a fire road with loose gravel.

electric brakes for an offroad camper

The all-terrain tires on the trailer serve a purpose too. Many people ask why we put beefy tires on a trailer when they don’t provide added traction without a power source. That’s true, but depending on the conditions where you are you may need to get over an obstacle or air down, and you want more than a thin layer of rubber to do that. Also, the tow vehicle can maneuver around a sharp rock, but the trailer is doomed to the path laid for it, and a doughnut tire will not stand the test too many times.

A more narrow tire is used intentionally as wider tires are more prone to hydroplaning. 

offroad camper tires

The fenders are diamond plated steel, bolted to the chassis of the trailer. This allows them to be weight-bearing, so you can stand on them to reach anything you’ve stored on the roof rack.

offroad camper fenders

Enjoy the extra function of these elements next time you enjoy your Boreas offroad camper!

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