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Boreas Campers the first North American Manufacturer to Install Cruisemaster Suspension


The 40-year old Australian brand is the overlanding standard in the Outback

Boreas Campers is thrilled to announce their 2021 offroad camper trailer models will all come with Cruisemaster suspension. Boreas Campers is the first North American camper manufacturer to install the Australian brand that is synonymous with overland prowess.

“The Cruisemaster team and I are very excited to be bringing our 40 plus years of market leading trailer suspension experience to the US market. This is very exciting times for the US Overlanding scene and we can’t wait to be part of the journey.

Heading into 2021 we are particularly excited to see Boreas Campers come on board as the first US manufacturer to be fitting Cruisemaster suspension as standard on their trailer models.

On the Boreas Camper you will see the exact same Australian made, tested and proven Cruisemaster gear that has become iconic in the Australian caravan and camper trailer markets over the years.”

Andrew Goddard

Managing Director – Cruisemaster Australia Pty Ltd

The Cruisemaster CRS2 is a rugged shock and coil trailing arm system providing superior ride quality whether on the highway, washboard roads or a rock crawling route.

“At Boreas Campers we want to continue to be a leader in progressing the capabilities of the offroad trailer market in North America. Our customers want a camper that can go as far offroad as their overland tow vehicle, and when we were looking for suspension that could get our trailers there Cruisemaster was the clear option.  

We are excited to introduce the American market to this incredibly robust, high quality suspension and to see how it is pushed to the limits in the Rocky Mountains and beyond.”

Matt Reichel

Founder and President – Boreas Campers

offroad trailer

offroad trailer

offroad trailer suspension

offroad trailer suspension

Cruisemaster offroad trailer suspension

Cruisemaster offroad trailer suspension

About Boreas Campers: Founded in 2015, Boreas Camper trailers are true off-road and off-grid camper trailers built in Denver, Colorado. With industry leading zero-wood construction and lifetime warranty, there is no better way to get off the grid without losing peace of mind.

About Cruisemaster: The Cruisemaster™ range of independent arm suspension systems are iconic in the market, the XT model largely being responsible for the emergence of independent arm suspension as the preferred choice for all-terrain application. Since the 1st XT suspension rolled off the production lines in 2005 Cruisemaster's™ continuous improvement philosophy has led to an extended range of Cruisemaster™ suspensions covering a range of applications.

Learn more at https://cruisemaster.com.au/

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