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American made off-road and off-grid trailers

Our Boreas line of campers are proudly built right here in the U.S.A. The majority of our vendors and suppliers are located in our home State of Colorado. Many of them are small businesses just like us.

When you purchase a camper from ITW Overland you are not only supporting a local small business and its employees, you are supporting dozens of other small businesses as well. You're supporting the local metal shop. You're supporting the person painting our parts. You're supporting the delivery driver dropping off tires or materials.

It is exciting that manufacturers from around the globe are seeing the demand for overland and off-road capable campers here in the US. We hope this continues as consumers demand higher quality and functionality from their purchases.

In a global economy you can't purchase everything from your local business owner, but you can make a conscious effort to do so. That's something the team at ITWO strives for.

We are installing this American Made placard on all campers moving forward. The main reason being, we are darn proud of our products! Secondly, we want to distinguish the Boreas product from those not built in the US. 

In summary, we want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the adventure it brings. Your next camper may be built in a factory in China or by your neighbor down the street. We just ask that you do know where it's coming from.


Matt Reichel

Owner, Into the Wild Overland


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