Maintaining Timbren Axel-Less Suspension


Keep your offroad suspension in top shape for your backcountry adventures

Timbren suspension is rugged and durable offroad suspension. But like everything else, it's a wise choice to check on it on a regular basis. 

Prior to doing any repair, inspection or maintenance work under the trailer make sure you park the trailer on solid, level ground such as a concrete or paved surface. Place the vehicle in park, set the emergency brake and use wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from moving. 

Within the first week of operation take time to lift the trailer with the rear jacks, turn the wheels individually by hand and make sure they are running smoothly and there is no slack in the wheels when moved side to side. Tighten the hub nut to take the slack out and re-check. 

After 4 months, and then every 12 months afterwards take the time to do periodic maintenance: 

- Do a complete visual inspection of the suspension and hubs.

- Inspect all metal components, hangers, control arms, outboard arm and frame for cracks, deformed surfaces or broken welds. 

- Check the bearings and repair or replace according to the manufacturers recommendations. 

- Check the alignment, and that all bolts are tightened to the torque specified.

- Repack bearings and hubs with new grease. Spinning the bearing during grease application is recommended to evenly coat the bearing. Replace grease seals if necessary. 


Every 12 months or 12,000 miles you'll want to grease the suspension bushings. To do this, securely lift the suspension. Find the grease nipple underneath the tube of control arm where the arm is attached to the hanger; use grease gun/applicator (either a hand gun applicator or automatic pistol one); fill bushing housing with grease until grease flows out at both ends of control arm. Continue until old grease is replaced with new grease. Wipe the excess grease. Do not mix Lithium, calcium, sodium, or barium complex greases due to the possibility of contamination problems. 

These practices of checking in and maintaining your Timbren suspension ensure that it will be good to carry your adventure trailer on backcountry trips for years to come!


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