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Why Axle-less Suspension is Standard on the Boreas


Ground clearance, smooth highway towing and exceptional performance off-road are a few reasons we use Timbren suspension

One of the first things we say to someone who has never seen a Boreas trailer in-person is to get on the ground and check out the 20” of ground clearance for themselves.

That’s A LOT of clearance, and it wouldn’t be possible without the axle-less Timbren suspension. Whatever trailer you’re looking at, just know that if it does have an axle, that will severely inhibit your ability to go off-road. You don’t have to be rockcrawling to appreciate that extra height. If there are a few unfortunately-placed rocks on a fire road the axle becomes a target, and as soon as it goes, you’re stuck.

Timbren is great because it’s a proven hero in the off-road world. The ride and tow performance are unbeatable whether you’re tackling a rocky creek crossing or cruising down the highway. We install the 3500HD system on the Boreas which is built with components rated for a 6000lb trailer. Since the Boreas XT clocks in under 2000lb dry you’ll never need to worry if you’re straining the system.

Quality suspension is also an investment in the longevity of your camper. While a leaf and torsion suspension will rattle your camper on a regular basis, the Timbren suspension offers smooth sailing and a smaller window of stress and flex on the frame.

And the final bonus of competent, quality, appropriately-HD suspension on your trailer? Those beers that are chilling in the fridge while you drive won’t explode when you get to camp. Cheers!

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