Greasing Bearings on the Boreas


Keep the wheels turning smoothly by regularly greasing your trailer's bearings

One of the ways to ensure the integrity and longevity of your Boreas Camper trailer is to grease the bearings. You’ll want to make sure this is done at least once a year and if you're planning on taking long trips, every 12k miles after the initial application.

First – place a flathead screwdriver under the rubber end cap, and pull it completely off.

Secondly – Fit a grease pump (standard vehicle grease will do the trick) onto the zerk.

Start with 6 pumps of grease and inspect with a light to see if grease is coming out of the sides of the bearing. If no movement is detected add another 6 pumps, which will be enough to lubricate the area if it is completely empty. 

Replace the cover and you’re good to go for the next adventure.

How to Winterize the Boreas

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