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Boreas Campers XT Interior Walkthrough


Explore the many elements of the Boreas Campers XT Cabin

The interior of the Boreas doesn’t get shown off as much because typically the exterior comes with much better views. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t as impressive! There is a lot packed in the cabin of the Boreas, and we’ll walk through that here.

teardrop camper interior

The Boreas comes standard with 2 doors, each with a screened and shaded window, allowing for you to exit either side. 

When you crawl in you’ll be on the 4 ½” custom memory foam Queen mattress, with an organic cotton cover. The entire cabin is 6’7” head-to-toe.

The cabin is fully insulated so the shell does an excellent job of keeping the interior temperature stable. For Colorado, that normally means keeping heat inside and the cold outside, but it does the opposite well, too. On hot, sunny days in the desert the composite panels reflect the heat and keep the interior cool.

Boreas Campers XT cabin interior

The composite panels are 1 ½” thick and consist of a foam panel covered by composite fiberglass on the outside and a maple FRP composite wall on the inside. These construction materials give the cabin an R8 value. We’ve found that when temperatures get into the 40’s, we turn the heater on for a few minutes once we’ve gotten into the cabin and closed the doors, and that is enough to keep the cabin comfortable for the entire night.

On the ceiling of the cabin is the MaxxAir 6200 fan with 10 speeds + reverse. Oversized for the cabin, it helps to pull air in or out, and the circulation helps to mitigate condensation buildup.

On the perimeter of the ceiling are the LED lights. These are controlled by a dimmer on the rear cabinet wall, and powered by the solar panels. The dimmer is handy because you can keep the lights bright if you end a chilly night with a board game inside, or low if someone wants to read while the other goes to sleep.

Boreas Campers XT Cabin Interior

Next to the dimmer switch are 2 110v outlets (if plugged into shore power), and thermostat/furnace control. Below are the Master power on/off switch and a battery gauge, USB plugins and 12V outlet. To the right of these controls is the power control center.

On the left side of the cabinet wall are the inlet and outlet for the furnace. If you run cold it’s best to pick this side to sleep on! The furnace is housed in the cabinet underneath a stainless steel compartment (this does not get hot so duffel bags and other equipment can be set on top of it). The Propex 6500 btu forced air furnace quickly brings the heat to the cabin, and is fueled by the 11lb propane tank.

On the ceiling is the LP/carbon monoxide/fire detector.

The cabinets themselves are made from a compressed PVC material that is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. The doors stay shut with the help of a latch and open via a magnet installed on the roof. The interior cabinets offer 14.45 cu ft of storage space.

The nets on the sides are an optional add-on and handy for holding keys, books or cell phones. We love the ways owners have customized the interior to fit their adventures, check out some of those design ideas here.

Checkout the Galley Kitchen on the Boreas

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