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Set up the galley of the Boreas to maximize your space

While the Boreas has 14.5 cu ft of storage in the cabin and 11.9 cu ft in the galley (not to mention 11.9 cu ft in the tool box and the available space in your tow vehicle), it is smart to manage that space. If you get a system established this helps to 1 – know where everything is and 2 – give you more room for longer trips (instead of having everything tossed helter skelter in the back). Specifically there are many items in the galley/kitchen area that can stay there indefinitely, so having a system really helps.

Amy R took a trip to the container store and found trays and containers to store plates, cups, silverware and packaged food.

This tray that fits between the sink/stove and fridge trays is handy for longer utensils like tongs and spatulas.

An easy way to make additional counter space is to find a cutting board the same dimensions as the sink cover.

This cool set up from Margo H includes a magnet strip attached to the outside of the storage door. Make sure you stow these utensils while travelling so they don’t fall down, but this is a great way to have easy access to them while you’re parked! The spice gripper clips velcro’d to the sides are also a great way to have all of your favorite spices and seasonings within a hands grasp. This will take your camp meals to the next level!

And when you’re looking for extra space, these containers sit on the counter top while you’re travelling and are easy to unload once you make it to camp. Carry trash bags, pots, tin foil and other larger items in these.

Owner Josh H found some knitted bags on Amazon that come in handy in the cabin: 

Heavy duty 3M tape was used to adhere floating shelves to the cabinet wall for keeping the phone/keys/watch safe. 

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