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The Galley Kitchen of the Boreas Off Road Camper


A fully outfitted kitchen for for adventures in your off road camper

The galley kitchen on the Boreas Campers off road camper is a dream, making cooking a gourmet meal in the backcountry a breeze.

Let’s start at the top: the galley door swings up when you open it and acts as a cover from the elements. So if it’s raining, snowing or crazy sunny you’ll be protected. The hurricane hinge that connects it doesn’t allow any water in the seam so you’re covered there too.

The porch light on the top of the galley door also gives you a bunch of extra light once the sun goes down. And it’s powered by the solar panels so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or being hooked up to a generator.

Cooking in the galley kitchen of an off road camper

The cabinets offer a good amount of room for your groceries and kitchen supplies, and are protected by compressed-PVC walls that are easy to clean and super light-weight.

The central charging station includes a dual-USB port, battery gauge to show how much juice is in your battery, 12v plug-in, and water pump on/off switch. You’ve also got a 110v that runs if you’re connected to shore power, and a dimmer switch to control the LED lights in the interior. The dimmer is nice to give you bright light when you’re cooking, and then tone it down a little bit when you’re handing nearby but still want to see enough to access drinks in the fridge.

Just below that are the stainless steel counters. Durable and easy to clean (a common thread!) these counters hold your goodies and can be buffed out if they get scratches.

The galley kitchen of an off road camper

Under the counters are the real goodies. On the left is the Truma C60 cooler, a 60-liter single-zone fridge or freezer, with a range of -8F to 50F. The Truma fits snugly in its space but offers enough interior room to house 96 12oz cans.

It’s efficient too, with an average hourly amp draw of .7. It easily runs off the solar when you’re off the grid.

It also comes with the Truma app, so when you decide at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon that you need to get out of Dodge, you can turn the fridge on and set your temperature so it’s at your temp when you get home (normally less than 20 minutes to get to temperature).

The galley kitchen of an off road camper

On the right side of the kitchen are the sink and stove. The stainless steel sink offers on-demand water from your 20-gallon water tank located under the cabin. The self-priming pump is located on the floor underneath this pull-out and is controlled by the on/off switch located on the control panel. A short hose collects water from the drain, so it’s easy to hook up a longer hose to direct the grey water away from your standing area, or collect it in a bag.

Oftentimes, we will swing the showerhead around from the instant hot water shower on the passenger side of the trailer to fill the sink with hot water so we don’t have to boil it on the stove.

The stainless steel 2-burner stove pulls out from underneath the sink. The glass top acts as extra counter space if you’re not using the stove. Underneath are 2 burners with a click start. Connected to the 11lb propane tank you’ve got lots of fuel for gourmet meals in the Boreas.

The galley kitchen of an off road camper

The fridge, sink and stove all rest on trays that are supported by glides bolted to the camper floor. These Accuride glides are rated to 500 lbs and lock in and out so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around when you’re on a rough trail OR if you’re cooking on a slope or weird angle.

Enjoy your gourmet meal in the backcountry with the galley kitchen of the Boreas Campers off road camper!

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