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Maintenance for the Composite Panels


Keep your adventure camper looking new with some easy maintenance tips for the composite panels

The composite panels that make up the walls of the Boreas adventure camper are durable, lightweight, and stain, abrasion and moisture resistant. The composite substrate used will not mold or degrade, and the thick gelcoat on the outside protects the camper and makes repairs easier.

While the gelcoat is very durable, it can become dull or faded as it weathers, especially with darker colors. Sunlight, heat and moist air combine to oxidize the gelcoat surface, fading it and making the surface cloudy. Keep your panels looking new with some periodic maintenance.

Keep it clean – wash the exterior of your trailer using a mild liquid detergent. Avoid cleaners that are abrasive, caustic or that contain ammonia. Remove tar, bugs, sap and bird droppings as soon as possible to prevent staining.

Keep it shiny – store your camper inside if possible. Alternatively, outdoor storage should be out of direct sunlight and away from tree and bird droppings. Avoid covers that trap moisture. As sunlight, heat and moist air combine to oxidize the gel-coat surface, a cloudy surface may appear. Depending on the exposure to the elements, wash and wax the exterior every 3-6 months.

Polishing compound or rubbing compound is recommended for use to remove scratches, stains, or a severely weather surface. Polishing or rubbing compound can be applied by hand or by mechanical means, such as an electrical or pneumatic buffer. After the scratched, stained or weather surface has been removed, it should be waxed to enhance the gloss and color while providing a seal to retard staining or new soil accumulation.

Keep it repaired – scratches are the most common damage an RV suffers. Many of these can be removed with rubbing compound, followed by wax. Major repairs should be referred to a professional.

Keep it sealed – A water tight seal is necessary to maintain the integrity of the composite wall system.

Following these practices will keep your Boreas adventure camper fresh and shiny for years to come! 

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