Boreas Composite Panels


Boreas Campers uses high quality composite panels, and they are now available for sale to those who wish to build their own camper.

At Boreas Campers we’ve been building offroad camper trailers since 2015. We know that campers built with composite panels are lighter, stronger, better insulated and longer lasting than their wood and aluminum equivalents.

Traditionally, camper construction relied on materials like wood and aluminum. In recent years composite panels have emerged as a superior alternative. But the barrier to entry is high as most manufacturers require large minimum orders. 

Enter Boreas Composite Panels, where we purchase the panels and make them available in both raw and cut forms for folks with a dream rig in mind. 

There are several advantages to using composite panels for a build instead of wood/aluminum. 

1 - Lightweight. One of the key advantages of composite panels is their exceptional strenth-to-weight ratio. Compared to traditional construction materials, composite panels are significantly lighter, allowing for improved fuel efficiency and better handlin on the road. Lighter campers are also easier to tow, making them suitable for a wider range of vehicles. 

2 - Durability and resistance. Composite panels possess excellent resistance to moisture, rot and corrosion. They are inpervious to water damage, ensuring a longer lifespance for your camper. Moreover, these panels are less prone to denting or scratching, providing enhanced durability during offroad adventures. 

3 - Thermal insulation. A well-insulated camper is crucial for comfortable camping experiences in all weather conditions. Composite panels offer excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. This insulation capability reduces energy consumption, allowing for more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly travels. 

4 - Design flexibility. Boreas Composite Panels offers panels in 13’3/4” x 5’2.5” sheets, either raw or cut via CNC for doors, windows or other customizations for any unique needs and preferences.

Contact us to see how we can help with your build, and get all the information at 

Boreas Composite Panels

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