History of Boreas Campers


Read about where Boreas Campers started in 2015 to where we are in 2024!

Boreas Campers started, as many companies do, with one man wanting to build something that wasn't currently available. The inspiration came after living and travelling in RVs for close to 2 years and wanting the perfect balance of performance, ruggedness and comfort. 

Read on for a history of Boreas Campers and its founder, Matt Reichel. 


Future founder, Matt Reichel, leaves his job in the construction industry, selling his belongings and buying a C-class RV to live in while skiing in Breckenridge.


Matt trades his C-class for a truck camper to explore more off road areas while traveling the country visiting as many bike parks as he can. 


Matt moves back to Breckenridge for another ski season and starts building the first XT in the garage while living on Boreas Pass. His time living in RVs fueled his decision to build a rugged, small, camper trailer. The top considerations were:

  • A trailer could be parked and left if you needed to drive to a trailhead or town with your tow vehicle, so no need to break down camp or lose your spot
  • The trailer would have a heavy duty chassis, all terrain tires and independent suspension to handle going offroad
  • The camper could be equipped with batteries, solar power, water tanks and more to stay comfortable off the grid


Matt moves the company to Denver to grow. The first headquarters was a storage unit until he was kicked out for welding.


Boreas Campers settles in Arvada, expanding or moving once a year for the next 5 years. 37” tires are put on a unit. A moto tray is engineered for the tongue of another unit – the beginning of the MXT!


All wood materials are replaced with composite to make the XT lighter, more durable and long lasting. The AT model is the base model where options can be added, and the XT model is the turn-key unit that comes with everything needed to get off the grid. The MXT is a foot longer and comes with the ability to carry a moto on the tongue.


Boreas Campers begins to sell through a dealer network, and attends their first Overland Expo West.


Boreas Campers becomes the dealer in Colorado – so we sell the campers and keep in touch locally too! Plans for the four-season, pop top, EOS-12 start to materialize. COVID and subsequent supply chain issues play hardball.


Boreas Campers becomes the first US camper manufacturer to exclusively use Cruisemaster suspension out of Australia, the premium offroad camper suspension. The XT frame is re-designed to allow for a 400-lb moto to be carried on the tongue, eliminating the MXT model.


The company moves 2 hours south to Pueblo, CO to stay in state, operate at a lower cost, and improve access to the mountains. XTs are sent to the UK and Mexico – Boreas Campers is international!


The ambassador program is launched, giving owners an incentive to keep talking to everyone at the gas station about their adventure campers. The chassis of the XT (C16) and EOS-12 (C20) are made available for sale to DIY builders.


With new dealers in Virginia and Texas, a slew of impressive upgrades (up to 500w of solar on the XT! 1080 ah of lithium batteries on the EOS-12!) and a busy show schedule the future is bright for Boreas Campers!

Check out the AT, XT and EOS-12 and join the Boreas Campers crew to enjoy offgrid adventures of your own!

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