2024 EOS-12 Standard Features and Add-ons


The 2024 EOS-12 gains many previous options as standard features while adding some impressive new add-ons to its repertoire

Boreas Campers is excited to announce the new standard features and add-ons for the 2024 EOS-12!

The 2024 EOS-12 will now come standard with a 3,000 Watt Victron MultiPlus Inverter. The MultiPlus is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. With a continuous load rating of 3,000 Watts and a temporary maximum load of 6,000 Watts, you’ll have no problem keeping all your devices powered simultaneously. You can also connect to the MultiPlus via Bluetooth and monitor your charging and electrical system from your phone.

The EOS-12 will now come with 400 Watts of solar power on the base model and be upgradable to 1,000 Watts! Previously the EOS-12 maxed out at 500 watts, but we’ve made some key adjustments and you will now be able to double your charging power over the previous model. This will allow you to run your AC on full blast while drawing minimal power during peak sunlight.

Previously an option, the EOS-12 will now have the toolbox air chuck standard for 2024. The EOS-12 has always had a 5 gallon air tank built in for the air suspension, but now users can easily tap into that air system via an air chuck on the toolbox. Deflate and fill up your tires on the trail or blow up inflatables for the kids. The possibilities are endless and so is your air supply.

The EOS-12 will have the option for a direct alternator charge line from your tow vehicle. This will be offered as an Anderson connector on the tongue of the trailer and will be able to charge your camper at up to 30 amps, a little more than 3x the charging power of our 9 amp standard 7 pin charger.

Lastly, the exterior will be sporting a new look with updated graphics. The new design represents a more modern look while still paying homage to the long-standing mountain decal from previous years.

We’re excited to keep innovating the EOS-12 and give you more and more options for off-grid adventures. With the new added power capabilities and standard features you can stay out there longer and with more peace of mind than ever before.

2024 EOS-12

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