Victron Components on the EOS-12


Boreas Campers uses Victron to manage power in the backcountry

Camping off the grid means relying on your equipment to keep you powered up, and it is critical that those components don’t fail. For that reason, Boreas Campers chose to build the electrical system of their EOS-12 entirely with Victron components.

Boreas Campers builds offroad, offgrid campers in Colorado, USA. The EOS-12 is a 20’, four season camper that utilizes offroad suspension and all terrain tires to access areas that would typically be off limits for recreational vehicles. For folks that want to avoid crowded campsites this is a great option.

But being off the grid means finding power sources besides a shore hookup. Typically this means solar panels or a tow vehicle. That power becomes precious off the grid so managing it is essential to a successful adventure.

Enter: Victron! To start, the EOS-12 system comes with a MPPT Solar Controller 100|50. This converts the power from the rooftop solar panels (up to 500w) and is a smart charger.

Next is the Shunt, which senses the amperage and voltage and can tell in real time how much is going in and coming out of the batteries.

The ORION TR Smart 12|12|30 Charger opens up the ability to charge the batteries (up to 1080ah of Battle Born lithium Gamechangers) from the tow vehicle. Because the outputs are isolated it keeps the AGM charge separate from the lithium and makes up to 30A accessible on the camper.

The Lynx Distributor 1000DC is the fuse holder and ground bar, distributing 12V main power.

The Multiplus 12|3000|120 Inverter Charger takes shore power and charges the batteries, can power the systems on the camper bypassing the batteries (a very cool feature!), supplies the 120 Main with power and converts ‘dirty’ 120V to ‘clean’, further protecting sensitive electronics.

Lastly, the Cerbo GX is the brain of the system, communicating and collecting data from each of the Victron components. The Cerbo can connect to wifi, where the data from the system is available to anyone in the world (locked of course). For Boreas Campers, that means we can remotely access and update a system from our headquarters in Colorado.

The Cerbo also syncs with and sends data to the Garmin ONE system on the EOS-12. The Operation, Navigation and Entertainment system comes together on an 8” tablet that is docked in the cabin of the camper and allows the owner to have unprecedented insight into the operations of their camper while off the grid.

The Victron components manage the power while the Garmin ONE controls all the systems of the EOS-12.

The tablet is useful from the onset of an adventure, providing navigation from the tow vehicle while heading to the destination.

Once on site the airbag suspension can be auto leveled within .3 degrees with the touch of a digital button utilizing the onboard air compressor and inclinometer. No more rocks, blocks, and running back and forth to the tongue and the bed to make sure the camper is level. The suspension can be raised for water crossings or lowered on trails with low branches or rock overhangs.

Indoor, outdoor and rock lights (red lights under the camper that provide low light for walking around without bumping into anything while not ruining the view of the stars) are all accessible on the tablet, as are audio options for the indoor and outdoor speaker zones.

The furnace and hot water heater can run off electric, propane, or a mix of both, which adds flexibility to trips off the grid. The ability to choose a power source based on current conditions is on the Garmin tablet. From the climate page one can turn on the heaters for the 50-gallon fresh and 40-gallon grey water tanks, this keeps the water in the tanks from freezing when temperatures dip. Checking water levels of the tanks is possible on the tablet as well.

And of course, the information the Cerbo communicates regarding the Victron system is available. Battery level, amps, watts and volts are displayed, as well as the setting for the max allowance for the air conditioner, which is the biggest draw on the system when in use. Setting a max allowance ensures the batteries will be protected if someone forgets to turn off the AC.

At Boreas Campers, camping in a beautiful location off the grid is a great way to charge our personal batteries. And with the Victron system ensuring power needs are managed in the EOS-12, getaways are even more relaxing and enjoyable!

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