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Winter camping in an offroad camper trailer


Protect the components of your camper by winterizing it, and de-winterize it when the temperature allows

There are multiple components on the Boreas Campers XT that are susceptible to the freezing temperatures that come with shoulder season and winter. Specifically the shower has certain fittings that are quick to go if there is any water in them that expands as it freezes. This should not stop you from taking your camper out during the winter, but unless you are sure it is not going to freeze we recommend winterizing it and carrying drinking water another way. 

Protect your camper and its accessories by winterizing it at the first sign of frost. Follow the guide below to drain all the water from the tank and lines, and run RV anti-freeze through everything. 

Come spring you will want to clean this out. By using a non-toxic antifreeze you will just need to add a tablespoon of RV tank cleaner or dish soap to remove the antifreeze, and fill the tank with water. Flush the lines until they run clear and you are good to go! 

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