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Checking the tire alignment of an offroad camper


Miles of rough trails, potholes, and general use can affect the alignment of your camper. Checking and adjusting your alignment often can greatly extend the life of your tires and also improve towing performance overall.

Even though Boreas Campers are built with the best axle-less suspension money can buy, miles of rough trails, potholes, and general use can affect the alignment of your camper. Checking and adjusting your alignment often can greatly extend the life of your tires and also improve towing performance overall. 

A quick and easy way to check your alignment is to look for uneven wear on your tires. These photos show the early stages of uneven tire wear. You can see the insides of the tires are wearing faster than the outsides which is a sure sign that your Boreas is due for an alignment checkup.

We recommend having your Boreas Camper aligned every 12k miles or 2 years, however it's good practice to check your tire wear in between trips to make sure you don't need an alignment sooner.

Any standard RV shop can perform an alignment of the Boreas, and it is not an expensive or lengthy procedure. We can also perform alignments at Boreas Campers headquarters. To schedule an appointment or get more information, click here, email adam@boreascampers.com or call 720-515-3775. 

Checking the Seals on the Boreas

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