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offroad camper trailer hitch


Make sure your hitch stays spry by greasing it!

If the hitch on your Boreas is getting difficult to maneuver, it’s time to hit it with some juice! Keeping the hitch greased up makes it easier to move and articulate when you're hooking up your trailer to your tow vehicle. 

For Lock N Roll hitches, you will need a needle nose attachment to insert grease into the small zerk on the top of the hitch. Move the hitch around to make sure it gets in everywhere, and you’re good to go. Repeat this process every time you feel any resistance in the hitch.

For the Cruisemaster DO35, use a regular applicator to apply grease to the zerk. This will free it up.

At Boreas Campers we use Blaster Maximum HD Grease for the bearings, bushings and hitch zerk.

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