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Loren Walker of XGRiD Campers


Learn about Loren, founder of XGRiD Campers, and how their focus on the offroad RV category sets their dealership apart

Loren Walker owns and operates XGRiD Campers in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been selling Boreas Campers since July 2020.

Loren grew up in a mountain town near Yosemite in the Sierra Nevadas and spent much of his time hiking, tent camping, backpacking, and being outdoors in general.

Around 2015 he bought a 27’ bunkhouse RV but found that the setup did not provide enough of the ‘outdoor experience’ for his liking. He started renting more off grid capable units to see what was out there. During the journey of renting multiple units and purchasing a Black Series he found the process working with traditional RV dealerships left something to be desired. And he thought, ‘SOMEONE has to understand the offroad RV market.” On one particularly disappointing drive home from a dealership he decided he would open his own, focused on the offroad RV market. 

Based on the concept of a more boutique, niche-driven, knowledgeable, high-touch, white glove experience, Loren opened XGRiD Campers on July 1, 2020 and had 4 units pre-sold in the first week of operation. Using his in-depth knowledge of the units available he was able to help his clients sort through the many options. The rush of people interested in RVs due to the pandemic helped prove his concept in a very short amount of time.

When clients first reach out to XGRiD, Loren asks them about their lifestyle and how they want to use the unit. Being able to understand their needs helps him better recommend a perfect match. He’s seen everyone from first timers wanting to do something different to full time overlanders, single moms wanting to spend more time with their kids to retirees wanting to get out of RV parks.

If you’re new to the offroad RV market and overwhelmed by the options, Loren recommends renting before you buy. It’s a great way to see if something is a good fit, what items are necessities, and what just gets in the way of your perfect experience.

When you purchase an RV at XGRiD, you’ll receive a complimentary membership pass at a nearby camping area. Loren’s team has site recommendations picked out for each unit based on the length, height, offroad capabilities and other factors of the RV. This allows you to take your unit camping, play with it for a day or two, and still be close enough to the facility if you have questions about any features.

Loren also offers a completely paperless transaction option which includes signing paperwork and conducting the walk through online.

Stop by XGRiD in person or online, learn more about the available offgrid units they offer, and see for yourself the difference in working with a traditional dealership and one focused n the “niche”, offroad RV market.

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