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Boreas Campers XT off grid camper trailer in the mountains


And why do we at Boreas Campers love to say it so much?

What does being ‘off grid’ mean? And why do we at Boreas Campers love to say it so much?

The grid refers to utilities provided by municipalities. Water, electricity and fuel for heating a home are the most common ones. Without these basic amenities life would be a lot more rough, and while you may not think about them day to day, you notice them immediately when they are gone!

Being off the grid means you no longer have those available at the flip of a switch. The solution? For Boreas Campers: it means bringing it along!

On the Boreas Campers XT, water is stored in the 30 gallon water tank under the cabin, protected by a skid plate. Heat in the cabin, and fuel for the hot water and stove are provided by the 11 lb propane tank. And power for the Truma fridge, USB and 12V chargers, lights and Maxxair fan comes from the AGM battery, which is charged by the roof mounted 100 watt Zamp solar panel. These items all come standard on the XT, which gives you the freedom to turn any road trip into an off grid adventure.

That’s what off grid means at Boreas Campers: freedom to disconnect and explore as far and as long as you like. So get out there!


Boreas Campers XT off grid camper trailer in the mountains

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