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Vacations in the time of COVID

In the current state of the world, it may seem impossible to get away for some family time *out* of the house. While restrictions have or are being lifted, many of the top vacation destinations are still off limits. If your usual trip brings you to Disneyland, concerts and baseball games, or jetting off to Europe then this year you probably just feel stuck.

Have you heard of recreational vehicles?

With the RV industry seeing a bump in demand, people are catching on to the perks of heading to the hills (or lake, or woods, etc). Since being outside is encouraged, and RVs allow for travel with family members and friends, camping is a perfect way to get out of town with your loved ones while still being cognizant of the COVID situation.

The Rocky Mountains are a huge playground filled with streams for fishing, trails for hiking and biking, sunsets for watching and fresh air for breathing. Bring a watercolor paint set, a few good books and a deck of cards. With the right kitchen, meals are still gourmet and can be a highlight of the day.

So check out Boreas Campers and other ways to get off the grid and into nature during these trying times, and see the positive side of social distancing. 

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