Upgrades and Add-ons For the Boreas Campers XT


Already own a Boreas Campers trailer, but drooling over the 2024 model year features? We may have a solution for you!

As we head into the Winter months, there’s no doubt that things start to slow down in the world of RVs and camping in general. But for those that already own a Boreas Campers trailer this presents a unique opportunity to upgrade their older models with the latest and greatest features on the 2024 models. Not many camper companies are willing to offer upgrades like we do, but we’re proud to take care of our current owners and make sure their campers have many years of use ahead of them. Let’s explore the upgrades that are available and see if there’s some new features you just can’t live without on your legacy model.

The most popular upgrade we’ve been asked about is the new Nomadic X2 AC unit. With over 8,000 BTUs of cooling power and only adding 40lbs to the trailer’s weight, who wouldn’t want to make their Boreas XT into a travelling icebox for those hot summer months. We’ve figured out a way to retrofit this AC unit to previous models as long as you’re cool with ditching your old Maxxfan. With the extra power draw we will recommend that owners upgrade to a dual Battleborn battery setup (200Ah). It is not required, but highly recommended as testing has shown the AC performs better and longer with that configuration. This upgrade will run you $4750, but we guarantee you will notice an instant difference in your cabin temperature. You may even find yourself turning the AC down or off; it gets that cold!!!

The next upgrade we’re featuring is the new Partner Steel cook stove. We’ve listened to owner feedback for years and we knew that it was time to find a stove that you can really crank up during those cold weather or high-altitude camping trips. Where previous models struggled, the Partner Steel cook stove shines. With a built in wind guard and 20,000 BTUs  (10,000 per burner) you can expect to have those frying pans sizzling and the water boiling in no time. This upgrade will run you $1385.

We’re very excited to offer the new 200 watt and 400 watt solar panel upgrades to current owners as well. Imagine recharging your electrical system 3-5 times faster than with the stock 100 watt panel! These solar panels are mounted on your existing roof rack and can come in a few different configurations. If you find that you occasionally use your roof rack we wanted to give the option of having a single 200 watt panel which would allow roughly ½ of the roof rack space to still be utilized. If you don’t use the roof rack at all then the 400 watt upgrade would be perfect. Both options will come with a new Victron MPPT solar controller to replace your existing Zamp or Renogy controller. If you do have any specialized roof rack mounts, roof top tents, or anything of that sort it will have to be removed before this upgrade. Mounts for the 270 and 180 degree awnings can be worked around and do not have to be removed. These 200 watt kit will run you $900 while the 400 watt runs $1700.

We’re also offering a 1000 watt solar upgrade for legacy model EOS-12 owners. The previous models maxed out at 500 watts and now EOS-12 owners can double their maximum solar output! Running the AC or electric heat off the grid just got a lot easier with double the charging power. This will require removal of the old panels to accommodate the new ones, but you can still expect peak performance and an industry-leading 25 year output warranty on your new panels. This upgrade will run $4485.

Last in our lineup of new upgrades is the 30 Amp dedicated charge line. For those that demand serious charging power from their tow vehicle, we’re now offering a dedicated charging line to run from your vehicle’s alternator directly to your camper’s battery bank. You’ll be able to charge your camper at up to 30 Amps! That’s more than 3x the standard charging rate of 9 amps. This will be in the form of an Anderson connector on the tongue of the trailer with heavy duty #6-gauge wiring and hooked to a 30 Amp Victron Orion DC to DC smart charger. Keep in mind you’ll have to make modifications to your tow vehicle to utilize this feature, but it is a fairly cheap and easy upgrade. Simply connecting the Anderson connector on your vehicle to the camper will allow you endless power as long as your vehicle is running. This upgrade will run you $700 for the XT and $900 on an EOS-12.

Schedule an appointment today to be ready for next year's camping season. Service slots are limited and you don't want to be in line before a trip deadline! Historically we are booked out 3-4 months by April, with an even longer lead time during the Summer so don’t wait!

While there are plenty of upgrades to be had this off season, we would also like to recommend our new Winter service packages while you get any of the upgrades mentioned above. Prices and descriptions are listed below:


Add winterization fluid to water systems. Run through shower, sink, all water lines.


Includes Winterization, plus greasing all running gear including the suspension, hubs, bearings, tongue jack, and DO35 hitch. Will inspect all seals and gaskets on doors and camper body.

FULL TUNE - $699 

Includes Winterization and General Inspection plus inspection and adjustment of brakes, alignment on Timbren or Cruisemaster suspension and parking brake adjustments on DO35 hitches.

For a full price list of options and upgrades for legacy model campers click on the file below.

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