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We spoke with owner AJ, whose Instagram account is full of incredible hunting feats, about his 2020 MXT and why it’s the ideal basecamp.

Hunting is a great way to get off the grid and enjoy the great outdoors. To fully immerse yourself in the wilderness you need more than just a passion for hunting, you need the right gear.

We spoke with owner AJ, whose Instagram account is full of incredible hunting feats, about his 2020 MXT and why it’s the ideal basecamp.

Ps – the MXT was a model offered from 2017-2020 that had an extended tongue to carry a motorcycle (or a deep freezer!) on the front of the offroad travel trailer. The model was discontinued when the XT chassis was redesigned to offer the same capability.

Boreas Campers: How long have you been hunting?

AJ: I grew up with my dad and uncles all hunting in Wisconsin and followed in their footsteps.

BC: What different kinds of hunts have you taken your MXT on?

AJ: Elk, mule deer, white tail, turkey, pronghorn/antelope, mountain goat and bighorn sheep.

BC: How many hunting trips do you do each year?

AJ: About 20.

BC: Why did you choose the MXT?

AJ: I was running my Jeep, parking it at the trailhead, hiking in and hunting, then I would head into the closest town for a shower and good food. The Jeep was always full, just packed to the max, and that’s when I started looking for a different setup. Initially I thought about a van build, but I didn’t want to break down camp just to go to town.

I wanted to keep a basecamp, drive the Jeep to day hunt or go to town, and come back to the comforts of home that I need: a hot shower and fresh fruit in the cooler. If I were to backpack in for 5-6 days, having a cooler with ice would spoil before I got back.

I put a 7 cu foot Arctic King Model WHS-185c1wsb deep freezer on the tongue in front of the toolbox that can hold an entire de-boned, quartered elk and hide. Plugging the freezer into the inverter allows it to run off the dual AGM battery set up for 2-3 days, even without sun. So I ditched the generator too!

BC: Do you take the MXT scouting?

AJ: Yes – I sleep as well in the camper as in my bed at home. Having the cooler, shower and a place to cook is everything I need. And if I want to do a last minute scout it’s packed and ready to go so I can head out after work on a whim.

It’s also easy once I’m out to move the camper if I want to scout out an area that’s further than a hike. Since it just takes a few minutes to take down the camp and move to a new hunting location often times I will tow the rig with me each day then wherever I end up will just camp there.

BC: Where have you taken the MXT?

AJ: Alberta, Montana, Upper Peninsula, northern Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska.

BC: What type of hunting is the MXT best suited for?

AJ: Car camping-style hunting. I set up my basecamp and venture out each day, typically in my Jeep. I can drive to different locations while the MXT holds my campsite.

BC: What are some of your favorite features of the camper?

AJ: The furnace in the winter! It keeps it nice and warm on cold nights. And the fan on early season hunts is great because it sucks enough air to keep it cool. And the roof rack is great for transporting antlers.

BC: What would you recommend to other hunters looking for an offroad camper?

AJ: Ask yourself if it can get you where you want to be hunting. Having clearance both below the camper so you can clear roots and rocks, and above, so not having a tall camper that won’t fit on tight trails. Accessibility is key.

As is durability. I took a corner too fast on a dirt road, hit a stump just right and tipped the camper over. The only damage was the dented spare tire that it landed on. The slides, lines, cabinets were all in their place and we kept rolling!

BC: Outside of hunting, do you use the MXT for other recreation?

AJ: I take it to Lake Superior every summer for a camping trip. And if I’m working out of town I’ll bring it along and live out of it for a week.

BC: What’s one of your favorite memories with the MXT?

AJ: Camping on the beach in the sand of Lake Superior in northern Michigan. Waking up on the lake for the sunrise.

Thanks to AJ for taking the time to share his experiences! Make sure to check out the XT and learn more about what makes it the ultimate off-road camping trailer for hunting. 

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