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Dimensions of the Boreas Campers XT offroad camper


The Boreas Campers XT has best in class storage space. With the cabin and galley kitchen cabinets and the toolbox up front all standard, owners have plenty of space to store items for all of their adventures.

The Boreas Campers XT has best in class storage space. With cabinets in the cabin, galley kitchen and the toolbox up front all standard, owners have plenty of space to store items that take up permanent residence in the camper. This is great when the call comes to get out of town – the gear is all ready to go!

The toolbox upfront has over 11 cu ft of space. This is a great area for camp chairs, wheel locks and chocks, tools, the awning room and oversized duffles.

The cabin cabinets have 14.5 cu ft of storage. Duffle bags and clothing fits great in here, as do any camp necessities like head lamps, hammocks and blankets.

The galley kitchen cabinets boast 11.9 cu ft of storage so silverware, plates and mugs, cooking utensils and spices along with each trips’ chips, cookies, sandwich bread and other snacks all fit in.

The optional luggage rack on the toolbox provides an additional 3.6 cu ft of storage, perfect for bulky items like firewood or a Solo Stove. The net keeps it tied down so you could easily increase that storage if it’s piled high.

With those areas alone the XT has a total of 42 cu ft of storage!

Other areas to store gear or toys include the roof rack, cabin (empty while driving), the bed or interior of your tow vehicle now that you’re not hauling everything in there, and the front and rear hitch receivers.

The Boreas XT is the perfect size for getting off the grid but also having storage to bring all the equipment and toys with you to make your time away comfortable and fun.

Check out this video of everything we fit in the toolbox: 

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