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Roof Top Tents on the Boreas Off Road Camper Trailer


Add sleeping for 2 more by adding a roof top tent to your off road camper trailer

Boreas Campers off road camper trailers are a great way for 2 adults to get off the grid and sleep in comfort. If you’re looking to bring kids or friends along, a popular option is to add a roof top tent (RTT) to the top.

You’ll need to add an additional 2 crossbars (for a total of 4) to the roof rack to support the added weight of the tent and 2 sleepers. Once those are installed, pick a tent! We carry 23Zero’s Walkabout, the Queen size (62”) works best. We typically recommend the Walkabout as the stairs up to the room are covered, and it has a larger annex room.

If you did want a larger size (King size and up), just keep in mind that the tent will bump into the Maxxair fan up front, and the galley door on the back. The Maxxair fan is fine as it will still be able to open partially, and because it sucks air in, the airflow and capacity isn’t affected. The galley door will only affect those who are taller than 6’ as they will have to duck to stay underneath since it cannot fully extend. But it does not have any adverse effect on the gas struts that hold up the door.

Bring the whole family or crew along on your adventures in your offroad camper trailer! They’ll love sleeping in the ‘penthouse’ on top of the Boreas.

Roof top tent on an off road camper trailer

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