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Road trip games are an excellent way to bond when you’re on a trip. We’re here to help you choose one!

Most people love traveling by an RV, and it goes without saying that road trip games are a very crucial part of the experience. Some people might be in love with traveling because of the journey, where others might love it for the destinations they land in. Regardless, road trip games definitely make the journey a lot more fun and exciting. Being travel trailer manufacturers, we understand what a road trip is all about. For the same reason, we’re here to guide you about some of the best road trip games that can be a part of your next RV road trip!

The Different Road Trip Games We Recommend

There are primarily 2 types of road trip games - indoor ones and outdoor ones. Whichever types you decide to go with is completely your call!

Outdoor Camping Games

There isn’t really a need to explain this. If you love spending time in nature and want to get some fresh air while having some fun, these games are for you:

1. Frisbee/Football/Baseball/Basketball

If you want to break a sweat while enjoying the outdoors and have some fun at the same time with friends, sports are an excellent option. One of the best road trip games to play with your friends can be anything ranging from frisbee to basketball.

Sports are more of a personal preference so it’s up to you whichever sport you want to opt for. And with all the different options, it shouldn’t be difficult to reach a mutual conclusion.

2. KanJam

This is one of several road trip games that are really fun to play for the entire family. All you need is a frisbee and a cylinder with a slot on the front which has to be cut out. The rest is simple. You get together in 2 teams with 2 players in each and toss the frisbee. You score a point every time the frisbee lands into the cylinder through the slot or the top. 

The best part is that your partner can assist in deflecting the frisbee to land into the cylinder. The teamwork here is the reason it qualifies as one of the best road trip games!

3. Jarts

Another pick for our best road trip games, for this one you use something close to over-sized darts, commonly referred to as jarts. You place a large circle on the ground and take turns at throwing the jarts into or close to the circle on the ground. The newer version of this game uses weighted balls.

4. Ladder Golf

Using plastic pipes and golf ball boleros, you create it into a ladder. Every single time your golf ball bolero wraps around a pipe, you score a point! You might want to make it a part of your road trip games arsenal for your next trip. You can even find ladder golf sets and they’re easy to carry!

5. Washers

2 teams are needed for this as is the case with most of our recommended road trip games. You make 2 teams with 2 – 4 players each. Then you take 2 wooden game boxes and put them 20 feet apart. You take turns tossing the washers into the boxes and score a point every time you make a successful landing. One of those family road trip games that provide hours of fun!

Road Trip Games

Indoor Camping Games

Again, this needs no explanation. Feel free to play these games while traveling in your RV or while sitting in the comfort of your tent! You can play these road trip games indoors:

1. Alphabet Game

Choose a category like animals, cities, etc. Then take turns at naming in alphabetical order. If Player 1 takes a name with A, the next with B, and so on till the letter Z. You score a win when the other player can’t think of a word. One of the most fun road trip games you can play indoors.

2. Are We There Yet?

One of the few road trip games that serve educational purposes as well. This game will teach your kids to use a map among other things!

Give them a map with the trip plan. They can color the different sections. They’re only allowed to ask where they are. After telling them, they can try and figure it out on their own. You’re only allowed to ask ‘are we there yet?’ 

3. Car Color and Car Color (variation)

Another of many engaging road trip games, while in the vehicle, everyone predicts the color of the next car to come. You score a point for every correct prediction and the one with the most correct predictions, wins! Also, two players can’t choose the same color!

In the variation of this game, every player gets a paper and pencil. Each chooses a different car color. Every time your color passes by, you make a tally. The one with the highest tallies wins. These kinds of road trip games are a great way to kill time!

4. I Spy

While indoors in a smaller space, all you have to do is say ‘I Spy with my little eye’ and then give a hint which describes the object. Everyone else takes guesses. One of the oldest road trip games out there but equally fun!

5. License Plate Game

A great example of road trip games that need some planning. You have a list of the different states and every time one of you sees a license plate of a state, it gets crossed off the list.

6. Explain a Movie Plot Badly

Every player chooses a movie plot from one of the previous movies they’ve seen. The others take turns to guess the movie while describing the worst plot possible.

7. Group Storytelling

One of the road trip games that need teamwork, in this game, everyone tells a story by adding one word each in a circular order.

8. Exaggerated Yearbook Superlatives

One of the best road trip games that test out your creativity. Come up with ‘most likely’ titles like ‘most likely to be scared of mice’ and then choose the person who relates to the title the most.

9. The great variety of card/board games

If you want to go for more traditional road trip games, you can always go with board games like monopoly, scrabble, etc. or card games like UNO or monopoly deal.

best road trip games


We hope you guys found this article helpful in shortlisting the best road trip games for your trip. Road trips are an excellent way for family or friends to spend time together, and camping and road trip games will just enhance the effect further! There’s nothing like bonding with your people while throwing some fun family road trip games into the mix.

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