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Solar power on the Boreas

If you want to get off the grid in your camper trailer, there are two words you should get familiar with: solar power.

Without a cord or outlet to run items like the lights, fridge, USB, 12v outlets and Maxxair fan you lose your ability to stay self-sufficient for longer than a day or two. If you can capture the energy of the sun and transform it into powering those items, your self-supported adventures can continue for a much longer time.

All Boreas Campers come with a Deep Cycle Battery AGM Solar Energy Storage 12V 125AH and a pre-wired Zamp portable solar plug. The battery stores the energy that you capture and the plug transfers it from the Zamp panel to the battery. We offer 45w and 90w portable Zamp solar units. The portable units are handy if you decide to park your XT or MXT (models that have solar panels included standard) in the shade, and don’t get your full draw.

The XT and MXT models come with a 110w solar panel with charge controller to provide solar power to your battery and keep your fridge and other accessories humming along.

Another item of note is that with the 7-pin connector on your tow vehicle, the battery charges while it is being towed, so there’s extra juice!

If you’re looking at being off the grid for longer than a few days, or want to work remotely and need the ability to charge additional items like a laptop, you may want to consider adding additional batteries and an inverter.

Having more battery capacity means you can store more power (if you plan on charging your laptop at night), and the inverter allows you to convert the power in the battery from AC to DC power for those larger items (laptops require this).

“How long will the solar power last?”

That’s a question we receive a lot and there’s no one answer, as it obviously depends on the gear you bring on your trip and how much power it takes to support that gear. We say that between a full charge when you leave home (via shore power), having 50/50 sunshine on your panels during the day, and typical use of the lights/fan/fridge or freezer and charging ports, the battery can last you a long weekend.

So enjoy your time off the grid and don't get caught without power! 

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