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Take your custom offroad camper home with you from Overland Expo West!

Overland Expo West is coming up quick and so is the Summer camping season! If you’re in the Arizona / Southwest area Boreas Campers is offering the ability to pick up your camper from the show to save on the shipping or pickup costs associated with coming to our headquarters in Colorado. 

Overland Expo West takes place May 17-19 in Flagstaff, AZ and is easily one of our favorite shows of the year. If you’re planning on attending the expo and want to bring a Boreas Campers offroad camper home afterwards reach out to us now to reserve your build spot. Placing an order will allow you to customize any of our models to your preferred specs while saving the shipping costs. Reach out to our sales team for other show specials. 

You MUST place your order ASAP to take advantage of this opportunity! 

If you pre-schedule a pickup for either an XT or EOS-12 at Expo West you could save thousands off the total cost of your camper.

First, you could save on delivery fees. At roughly $2 per mile that could certainly save most people anywhere from $1,000-$2,500 depending on your location. If the drive to Boreas Campers Headquarters in Pueblo, CO seems like a bit of a haul or our dealer locations are too far, then this might be the next best thing. The entire sales team will be at the expo to give you a detailed and personalized walkthrough of your camper just like you would at the factory or a dealership.

Second, we are giving out show specials for those who are prescheduling their pickup. In order to take advantage of these you must put in a deposit and have any custom options for your camper dialed in as soon as possible.

Lead times for both the XT and EOS-12 are out until June and growing so take advantage of this deal to have access to your dream camper for the full peak season! Spots are limited for this opportunity so contact us asap.  

Call at 720-515-3641, email adam@boreascampers.com or submit the form below.

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