The Perfect Adventure Vehicle


Spoiler alert: there is no such thing as THE perfect adventure vehicle (AV). There can be a perfect AV for a specific person/family, but what works for one situation will have big hangups and shortcomings for another. If you are looking at trailers vs a van, truck camper or larger RV here are some things to consider:

A trailer can be disconnected and dropped off, making your tow vehicle available without having to pack up camp. This is nice if you need to go into town for a grocery run or drive to a trailhead. No more setting up camp chairs and a dummy tent to save your space. Set it and forget it!

A trailer (at least, a Boreas XT), fits into a standard garage, so you won’t tick off the neighbors by having something parked on the road, and makes it easier to unload and re-load from your adventures. Having it covered is also nice and helps with re-sale value.

A trailer doesn’t have a motor or drive train to maintain. That means repairs are normally less expensive and less frequent.

Unlike a truck, or something that is used during the week, you don’t have to unpack and re-pack for every adventure. The trailer’s kitchen and bedroom can stay stocked with essentials so it just takes a grocery run and a load of laundry (if you’re into that sort of thing) to be ready to go.   Leave it packed, hook up on Friday afternoon and hit the road!

On the downside, if you’re towing a trailer, you probably won’t get the front row at the grocery store. Navigating tight spaces can be a little tricky, but in areas where there are attendants, like ski resorts, we’ve found being nice to the attendants normally pays off. You can also disconnect and only take up 2 spaces (often this sets you up better for your exit, too).

A trailer is a separate entity so that does mean you need space for it when it’s parked. You also need a vehicle that’s capable of towing the trailer (for Boreas hopefuls, sorry, but no Subarus).

The Boreas sleeps 2 in the cabin so if you’re more than a couple you need to look for accessories. That can come in the form of the room addition and some cots, or a rooftop tent. And since the Boreas was designed to be the ultimate basecamp (not the ultimate live-in camper), you can’t stand in it. If you’re trying to escape the city but stay caught up on Cake Wars, the Boreas probably isn’t your perfect AV.

The XT12 will have a wet bath, but the XT does not have a bathroom. While there are add-ons that offer the privacy of a bathroom, you will still poop outside. If that is a deal breaker you probably want to check out RVs or larger trailers.

There are lots of aspects to consider when searching for the perfect adventure vehicle. We hope this helps you consider what you find essential for your perfect setup. Good luck!

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