Overlanding Checklist:
9 Essential Pieces Of Overland Gear


At Boreas Campers, overlanding is in our DNA. 

For the uninitiated, overlanding is the process of traveling significant distances in your vehicle. We’ve used our years of experience to compile an overlanding checklist with the most essential gear to pack before heading out on the open road. 

1.A Vehicle And/Or Trailer

The thing that will quite literally drive your trip, finding a top-quality vehicle and trailer is perhaps the most important piece of overlanding equipment out there. In your research, you may see vehicles that have been “built out” to be an all-in-one vehicle and camper. And while these vehicles are certainly enticing, purchasing a vehicle, gutting it, and giving it a custom build out is not always a viable option.

This is where Boreas campers come in. Using the trusted vehicle you already have, you can simply hitch a Boreas off-road camper to the back, thus easily turning your truck into an overland setup.

2.First-Aid Kit

As wise adventurers before have said, “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”. A first-aid kit is an essential piece of camping gear, and ideally one that you’ll never have to touch.

We actually recommend keeping two separate bags. In the first bag, keep bandaids, alcohol swabs, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, electrolyte packs, antibacterial cream, and anything else you’ll need to manage minor cuts and bruises. This will likely be the kit you rely on most.

The second first-aid kit should include materials for more serious injuries like nitrile gloves, gauze, super glue, Epi-Pens, SAM splints, and wound irrigators. While you always hope you’ll never need to reach into this portion of your overland gear, it’s definitely something you’d rather have on hand.

3.Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket

Often an overlooked piece of overland camping gear, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are things you can throw in your camper and forget about until the time comes. 

When you’re cooking for weeks on end in your trailer, accidents can happen, and having a fire extinguisher handy helps keep you and your trailer safe from fires.


A well-rounded toolkit is an off-road essential, as the unexpected should always be expected. Bringing tools specific to your vehicle and trailer is critical, and you should always make sure you include socket wrenches, a set of spanners, a hydraulic jack, a crow bar, and yes.. .even a roll of duct tape.

5.Spare Parts

The last thing you want is to be exploring the backcountry only to have your trailer or vehicle fail due to an old or broken part. Your overland gear list should always include spare parts for your vehicle’s engine. 

For remote overland travel, be sure to carry fan belts, relays, fuses, a set of wheel bearings, a fuel pump and fluids like brake and transmission fluid. And, if your vehicle is a rare make, it’s best to carry oil, fuel and air filters with you, as the nearest small town may not carry the specific filters you need.

This also speaks to the benefit of using a Boreas trailer on your trusty vehicle instead of building one out from scratch. Built-out vehicles are often large and may be more difficult to find, thus making it very difficult to locate critical spare parts.

6.Extra Fuel And Water

One of the most important pieces of overland equipment is the fuel powering your vehicle and the fuel that powers you. 

For your vehicle, packing 2-3 jerry cans of gasoline will provide you some peace of mind and help you get out of a jam if you find yourself on an empty tank in the backcountry.

For you, it’s water. Humans can live 30 days without food, but only 3 days without water. Packing an emergency supply of water could be the difference between life and death in the backcountry, and is one of the most critical aspects to any overland gear list.

7.Water Filter

You’d never head into a backcountry camping trip without a water filter, and just like tent camping, water filters are also critical pieces of overland camping gear too. 


For the overland purists, this may be too much of a luxury. However, for most of us, a warm meal over a hot stove after a long day is a must. Make sure you elect to get a multi-fuel stove, as having the luxury to burn multiple types of fuel can come in handy when in the backcountry.

9.Table & Chairs

Look, we know getting out and getting after it is what you’re all about. But we guarantee there are times when you’ll want to take a breather from the adventure and simply sit outside and enjoy where you are. That’s why adding a foldable table and chairs to the overlanding checklist is a must. 

Boreas: The Overland Experts

Overlanding is in our DNA, and Boreas Campers is ready to help you get out there and explore. Call a local Boreas dealer for purchase and rental options today!

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