Wow. We just got back from Overland Expo 2018 in Flagstaff with just enough time to wash a weekend’s worth of sweat and dirt off (TMI? Not for this crowd…) before hitting the hay. The event was, as expected, exhausting and invigorating at the same time. We loved seeing the excitement of the exhibitors and attendees on what is possible in this industry, and how people can go overland farther, and more often.

At Into the Wild we were stoked to show off our 2019 model. We’ve removed ALL of the wood. Not a splinter left. Our same steel frame now supports a cabin manufactured with composite fiberglass paneling. The panel are then mounted to a fully welded aluminum interior and exterior skeleton. The floor is a diamond-plate rubber, and the cabinetry is a compressed PVC. There is NO ORGANIC MATTER on the Boreas, removing any chance for rot, warping or termites. The composite material is also lighter (we shaved ~15% of our total weight from the previous model), stronger, and buffable! With our previous aluminum siding, when it was scratched or dented, it was for forever. The composite material can be buffed to remove scratches, patched for dents, and comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty!

In the galley kitchen, we replaced the wood pull-outs that housed the sink and stove with stainless steel bays. The counter is now stainless also, and the cabinets are the same light-weight, durable compressed PVC that is in the cabin.

Our water tank also got an upgrade. We doubled our capacity to 20 gallons and placed the tank between the wheels under the cabin. The weight is distributed on the axel line, and the tank is protected by a skid plate underneath.

Replacing the wood with the super thin composite material also freed up the cabin. We gained an inch on each side of the bed, and the length is up to 6’6”. No ‘RV Queen’ sized mattress here.

The campers will be available in Forest Green, Dessert Tan, and Storm Grey. Keep on eye for these new colors on the website and social media!

We were pumped to be at the show at the booth of B&B RV in Denver, CO, our exclusive dealership. We are dropping off a few more 2019 Boreas trailers to their lot this week. Reach out to them or us for more details on our newest model, and how it can get you ‘into the wild’.



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What Boreas Owners Are Saying area

Joyce K.
I love my Teardrop from Into the Wild. It is up to any adventure, large or small. We have slept comfortably in rest stops in WY and the middle of nowhere UT. We have traveled for weeks, the kitchen has been great! The...
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Nick D.
Matt builds an absolutely first-rate trailer. After months and months of research, I am confident in saying that the Boreas XT is one of, if not the best thought-out offroad travel trailers on the market. I'm consiste...
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Nicci M.
Best decision made, worth the money hands down. Matt is great to work with and always makes sure his campers are top notch and work properly.
Michael G.
If you’re looking for a way to get away, check these out. Our Boreas has been one of the best purchases we’ve made. We keep it loaded and ready to go so we can get to the mountains at moments notice. Our trailer has h...
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Shan M.
Owning a Boreas XT and working with Matt has been a pleasure! Customer service runs neck and neck with producing a quality product. From campgrounds in the Sawtooths, and friendly driveways in Haden ID, weeks out in N...
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Franklin C.
We bought our trailer in May and we couldn’t be happier. I toured the shop before I bought and I saw the dedication they took to make a quality trailer. The build quality and materials are all very impressive. We have...
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Jake D.
Great people. Great product. Delivered when they said and what they promised. I rented a Boreas in June, and then had to have one.
Diane M.
We have had a Boreas XT for over a year and absolutely love it. Our adventures have tripled since we got it and already have several more trips planned for this year as well as a trip to Alaska for next year. We have...
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Bill M.
We have now had our Boreas XT for a year with some 3000 miles towing (Ford F-150 4X4) on various surfaces. We very much enjoy the life style made easy by this rugged trailer with its well designed accomodations and c...
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Christina C.
I don't usually take the time to post reviews, but I feel compelled to do so for this product and the owner Matt. We researched diligently to find just the right camp trailer for a year before we settled on the Boreas...
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Matt B.
Amazing company, customer service, and product! I knew going into this trailer purchase that I was interested in the Boreas XT. After dealing some with Adam and Maggie I was very drawn to the company and product, with...
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Alexandra L.
We’ve had two trips in our new Boreas XT and absolutely love it!! It’s everything we wanted when it comes to size, weight and functionality. We have 4 more big trips planned through the rest of the year and can’t wait...
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Michelle G.
I purchased my 2019 Boreas MXT in March of this year from Adam at B&B RV in Denver. It was a used unit. I brought it up to Alaska in May. I was able to stop by the shop in Arvada and meet Matt and Maggie. While at the...
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Ken W.
I got this trailer earlier in the year before this COVID mess and finally got to take it out. I’m so glad I got the Boreas XT compared to other tear drop trailer competitors. This is a solId, well built trailer that...
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