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Window cover of an offroad camper trailer


Diminish the transfer of temperatures by covering the windows in your adventure camper trailer

The cabin of the Boreas adventure camper trailer is insulated very well, with panels that measures 1.5” thick on all sides, including the roof and floor. This translates to a sleeping area that holds onto heat in the winter and stays cool on the inside in hot temperatures. It does this because of the insulation and its ability to stop the transfer of the outside temperature to the interior and vice versa.

The one area that is guilty of the largest temperature transfer are the windows on the doors. But because you still want to see the beautiful views outside we keep them around. To mitigate the temperature transfer we recommend the window covers that we sell on the store.

These covers are high quality, waterproof, reflective and insulated. They’re also easy to install with just a magnet to screw into the door, if we haven’t installed them already. And they provide blackout conditions on a sunny day while you're trying to take an off-grid nap!

Enjoy the view and the temperature in your adventure camper trailer with these insulated window covers!

offroad camper insulated window cover

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