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Prepare to Go Camping Under the Stars in a Tough Off-Road Trailer


Boreas Campers is a producer of tough USA-built off-road trailers that will take you to the best places where you can go camping under the stars to observe the night sky free from light pollution.

Watching the night sky away from the light pollution of the cities is one of the most amazing experiences. Your first step in this adventure is finding a camper at travel trailer manufacturers. Why? Because all the best places to go camping under the stars are far away from the paved roads, in the middle of the wilderness.

You need a sturdy camper van capable of driving over dirt roads and passing through muddy patches and brave the mountain heights. This is where you will find the certified Dark Sky Parks, places that have naturally little to no light during the night. At the same time, they are carefully preserved to remain the best places to see the night sky for generations to come.

Determine Your Hemisphere

Once you are equipped with a tough USA-built off-road trailer, it’s time to learn what constellations you may be able to see when you go camping under the stars. You will find many detailed maps of the night sky online, cataloged by hemispheres. The United States of America is situated entirely in the northern hemisphere.

When you go camping, the stars and constellations you are most likely to observe are:

Ursa Major, Circumpolar

A circumpolar constellation never sets below the horizon, irrespective of your reference point on Earth. Among the northern hemisphere circumpolar constellations, Ursa Major is the largest. Watching it is one of the most spectacular experiences for anyone who wants to go camping under the stars. Its most fascinating elements are Alioth (the brightest star), the Pinwheel Galaxy, the Owl Nebula, and two meteor showers.

Cepheus, Circumpolar

Cepheus, the 27th larger constellation, is located between the Ursa Minor, Draco, and Cassiopeia constellations. In the best places to see the night sky, you will be able to gaze at two of the brightest stars in the Milky Way belonging to the Cepheus constellation: Alderamin and Mu Cephei. 

Leo, Spring

The Leo constellation is visible during the spring months – an excellent time to go camping under the stars. This is not only one of the zodiac constellations, but also one of the largest you will see in the northern hemisphere. Among the spectacular elements of the Leo constellation, stargazers are keen on Messier 66 and 95 spiral galaxies, Regulus and Denebola bright stars, and Wolf 359 red dwarf.

Lyra, Summer

If summer is your favorite season for camping, the stars you are most likely to see in Dark Sky Parks belong to the Lyra constellation. You will certainly see Vega, the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere, the Messier 56 globular cluster, and the Ring Nebula.

Orion, Winter

A reliable camper van will allow you to go camping under the stars even in winter. And this is an excellent choice if you want to admire the mighty Orion constellation in its splendor. One of the brightest constellations in the skies, known for millennia, Orion contains Rigel and Betelgeuse stars, Orion Nebula, and the famous Orion’s Belt, a spectacle of bright light and colors.

Cassiopeia, Circumpolar

Named after a proud and vain queen in Greek mythology, the Cassiopeia constellation boasts the Heart Nebula, the Soul Nebula, a star-forming cloud, popularly named the Pacman Nebula, as well as the famous Perseid meteor shower.

Get Your Equipment Ready for Camping Under the Stars

Theoretically, you do not need special equipment when you go to the best places to see the night sky. The darkness is almost complete, allowing you to admire all the constellations presented above with the naked eye.

However, if you want to get the most of your adventure, you may consider bringing with you:

  • A star chart to establish the positions of each constellation
  • An amateur telescope – no need to splurge on professional equipment
  • Binoculars

The Best Places to See the Night Sky

We spoke about Dark Sky Parks, places that are specially maintained free of light pollution. They are hot spots for people like you, who want to go camping, star watching, and spending time away from the daily grind of the big cities. These are:

Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas

Situated in western Texas, these two parks have open skies, ideal if you want to go camping under the stars. The two combined parks are among the most remote in the country and have the lowest light pollution of all the national parks situated in the lower 48 US states.

Cosmic Campground, New Mexico

This is one of the 10 international Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world, a remote area in western New Mexico, preserved in an almost natural state of wilderness. If you want to go camping under the stars here, you will need to equip your camper van with everything you need to sustain yourself. 

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Utah is home to nine Dark Sky Parks, but Bryce Canyon National Park is the most spectacular. Apart from being one of the best places to see the night sky, this site hosts an annual Astronomy Festival and has an ongoing educational Astronomy Rangers program.

Death Valley National Park, California

The third darkest and largest national park in the US is one of the best places to go camping under the stars. The open desert landscape will give you an unfettered view of the night sky. From winter to spring, you can also participate in stargazing events hosted by professional astronomers.

Headlands, International Dark Sky Park, Michigan

One of the best places to see the night sky is located along the shore of Lake Michigan. This is the place where, occasionally, you can even experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights. If you want a few lessons on practical astronomy, you can attend one of the many events hosted here.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Its high elevation makes this state park a place where you can go camping under the stars and get as close to them as possible. The plateau landscape will give you a 360-degree view of the night sky. One of the best moments to go camping if you want to meet other amateur astronomers is during the Black Forest Star Party, taking place over a weekend in late summer.

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida

Just 100 miles away from Orlando, FL you will find one of the darkest places on the east coast. Here, you can book a paved astronomy pad and also receive helpful stargazing advice from the park staff.

Closing Thoughts

Stargazing is one of the most fascinating hobbies. For Boreas Campers, it is a privilege to provide you only with the best quality off-road camper vans, built in the USA. We are located in Arvada, CO, but serve the entire national US territory.

Go camping under the stars without sacrificing safety and comfort Call us: 710-515-3775.

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