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Cruisemaster Hitch on the 2021 Boreas Campers Offroad Trailer


Learn about the Australian hitch coupler installed on all 2021 Boreas Campers models

The Cruisemaster DO35 hitch is meant for offroading and extreme articulation!

DO35 stands for Drop-On 3.5Tonne, meaning the articulating all-terrain pin coupling can tow 3.5 tons.

Boreas Campers chose to install the D035 on the 2021 models based on its high quality connection, full range of articulation and incredible ease of use. We knew it would be a great fit for our offroad campers, and allow owners to get even further into the backcountry with their trailers.

The hitch, or coupler, is one of the most important elements of an offroad camper trailer. The equipment pairing the camper to your tow vehicle provides not only peace of mind and security that it will not become detached while going over rough terrain, but also provides different ranges of motion based on the unit you go with.

offroad camper hitch

Off Road Use

When off-road articulation is king! The articulation of the DO35 allows you to take your overland camper anywhere the 4wd can get with its rotational articulation both horizontally and vertically.

The DO35 has high quality poly bushes and is fully greaseable to reduce wear in the toughest of terrains.


The Cruisemaster DO35 has been designed with safety as a priority. The positive locking 2 stage ADR compliant locking mechanism gives you the reassurance that the vehicle and camper trailer are truly secured. The patented “Checklock” Cap doubles as both dust protection and a fool proof safety check, the cap will only fit onto the coupling when the lock is activated… if the cap doesn’t fit you’re not ready to tow!

Safety doesn’t end with the locking mechanism. Special consideration was given to the build materials of the DO35, it was increasingly important to have the added strength to manage the additional forces added by a Weight Distribution System while keeping the unit slim and light weight.

This was achieved by a combination of a forged steel Yoke and Rear Nut for strength where it matters and a cast Housing to reduce weight were not safety critical.

We believe seeing is knowing; where others may be moving towards systems that enclose the safety critical locking components away from view we believe it is important to keep this components accessible and visible so you rest assured that a secure connection is achieved before travel.

Ease of Use

Check out how easy the hitch makes it to attach your offroad camper trailer to your tow vehicle in the video below:

 Get more details on features of the DO35 in this video: 

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