Hate setting up camp? Us too! Boreas Campers makes setting up camp easier than ever


If setting up camp has you down, let Boreas Campers show you how easy camp setup and teardown can be

Hate setting up camp? Us too! After all there’s probably a hike you want to go on, a fishing spot to find, a trail to ride, or a fire to build. If you only have a short weekend to spend camping then you’ll want a camper that allows you to get in and out of camp quickly and spend your hard-earned weekends enjoying the activities nature provides.

Boreas Campers designed all their models around quick setup and takedown for that reason. We want to make sure you’re spending your valuable time getting in touch with nature instead of unpacking, repacking, or fiddling with poorly designed contraptions.

Take our XT model for instance. Once parked, the hand crank 30” leveling jacks will have your camper level in a couple of minutes even on steep terrain. Open the back hatch for instant shade, slide the kitchen out, and you’re ready to cook some food or grab a drink out of the fridge.

The bed is already made inside the cabin. Your clothes and gear are already stowed away inside the roomy cabinet storage area. Simply turn on the fan and get some fresh air blowing through and you’ll be set for comfortable sleeping arrangements.

The toolbox storage area has large doors on both sides allowing easy access to pull out all of your chairs, fire ring, or whatever large items are packed away. The most challenging part of setting up camp will be opening your awning, which will still take less than 5 minutes with guide wires and staking.

Kitchen set up used to involve setting up a table, pulling out the stove, connecting it to a propane tank, and pulling out the cookware from one of a couple bins. Now it takes opening the back hatch of your camper, sliding out the stove, turning on the propane and pushing the ignition (for the new Partner cookstove you'll need to attach the propane line but that takes 30 seconds once you've done it once or twice).

Whenever you need to leave just do it all in reverse order and you can be back on the road in no time. Sure beats rifling through all of those old camp bins to find something or trying to pack them back up neatly when it’s time to go.

Now don’t get us wrong. We grew up tent camping and the nostalgia of learning to rough it in a tent still sticks with us today. But thinking back past the good memories, setting up camp and leaving was always quite the fiasco. Pitching a large tent always took multiple people and the poles would come undone so easily. Blowing up an air mattress took forever and then you had to hope that it wouldn’t pop or deflate overnight. While tent camping still has it’s advantages for those backpacking adventures there’s now a way to bring the easiness and luxury of camper amenities to all of your favorite spots you can drive to.

The EOS-12, even with its pop-top roof, can be ready just as quickly once you get to camp. Four exterior latches and two locking H bars are all that stand in the way of enjoying the roomy interior of the EOS-12. Hop on the Garmin tablet and select the auto-leveling function to have the air suspension adjust the camper to perfectly level with a touch of a button.

Both the fridge and kitchen are on smooth, locking glides so getting prepared for dinner or packing things up for the night only takes a few seconds. The standard 270 awning provides quick shade and can be set up in just a couple of minutes.

With the EOS-12 you also have built-in indoor and outdoor speaker systems that are fully customizable and anyone in camp can wirelessly connect to. Forget about having to charge your Bluetooth speakers and leave them at home. You have a full wireless stereo system!

Both models sport the Cruisemaster DO35 hitch with a locking pin system which is arguably the easiest and simplest way to disconnect and reconnect your tow vehicle. Being able to leave your camper at camp has it’s advantages as well. Having lockable interior spaces and toolboxes keeps your important gear safe and you can feel comfortable leaving certain items behind and not having to put them in your vehicle every time you leave camp.

There are many things to consider when choosing an RV, but if you’re a serious camper, vetting the setup and teardown time should be at the top of your list. Camping should be easy and Boreas Campers has designed all of their models around this philosophy. Getting in and out of the backcountry can be a simple experience with the right setup and we’re confident our campers will allow you to maximize your time in the wilderness.

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