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Exoskeleton style offroad camper trailer


Learn the advantages of an exoskeleton vs a fiberglass mold for an offroad trailer

The cabin of Boreas Campers models is an exoskeleton style comprised of composite panels held in place by an aluminum, powder coated frame that is riveted and glued together.

The advantage of the exoskeleton style is it allows for torsion to occur without twisting the frame. There is a little give. We have seen images of customer's trailers that have been rolled over without any structural damage because the small amount of give helps absorb the impact. Compare this to a similar occurance on a single piece fiberglass mold, and there is a high probability of cracking the cabin.

The fiberglass mold does not have any give when the body is contorted. This can result in cracks in the frame that are irreparable and fatal to the camper. This is why many mold companies do not warranty cracks in their cabin design. Some manufacturers have already moved away from fiberglass molds due to cracking. 

Boreas Campers models come with a lifetime warranty on both the chassis and exoskeleton. Our frame comes with flex *and* peace of mind. 

Learn About Our Lifetime Warranty

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