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Which EOS-12 toilet option is right for you?

The Boreas Campers EOS-12 is equipped with an indoor bath that contains both a shower and toilet. When building out your EOS-12 you have the option of choosing either a cassette toilet or a dry flush toilet. There is no price difference between the two, so the option is purely preference. Below we’ll discuss the difference between both options and determine which one is right for you.

The first option, the Thetford cassette toilet, operates with a water reservoir and can be manually flushed after use. The toilet is permanently installed in the RV, but the cassette reservoir is accessible from the outside where it can be removed and dumped at your leisure. The waste-holding tank holds 18 liters while the freshwater reservoir holds 9 liters for flushing. The unit is very low maintenance and easy to clean, however you will need to refill the freshwater reservoir before each trip as running out will render the toilet useless.

The second toilet option is the Laveo dry flush toilet. This 12V option is hard-wired to the camper (no batteries) and features a Mylar bag flushing system for a waterless, eco-friendly experience. The advantage is that cleanup is much easier and you don’t have to keep a water reservoir full. The downside is the bags are an additional expense, at about $2/flush. Bag cartridges last about 15-17 flushes and must be purchased online.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about the toilet options on the EOS-12!

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