The EOS-12 is the Perfect Offroad, Offgrid Camper Trailer


With up to 1000w of solar, 1080ah of lithium batteries, independent airbag suspension, wet bath and sleeping for 4 the EOS-12 is the Goldilocks of offroad, offgrid campers.

Pueblo, CO: In a just-released full length walkthrough video of the 2023 EOS-12 from Boreas Campers, the case is made that the four season hybrid camper that features the Garmin O.N.E. system, up to 1000 watts of solar panels and 1080ah of Battle Born batteries, a wet bath and outdoor kitchen is the perfect off grid camper trailer.

The video showcases the design and layout of the heavy duty chassis, spacious cabin, pop top roof, Truma Combi and 96-liter Cooler, electric and gas systems and a plethora of additional features all in a package that weighs 3750 lbs dry.

“This is the goldilocks of the offroad, off grid camper trailer world.” says Matt Reichel, owner of Boreas Campers and host of the walkthrough video. “The unit is large enough to have a wet bath and stand inside, but small enough to truly access the backcountry. With top of the line solar and battery options you can truly get off the grid in comfort.”

“The Garmin O.N.E. system integrates all systems of the camper with a tablet that allows you to auto-level the camper at the touch of a button. The independent Cruisemaster air suspension handles variable terrain with ease and tows like a dream on the highway. It really is the perfect package for folks wanting to explore away from the crowds.”

The EOS-12 is designed and built in Pueblo, Colorado and was the first offroad camper to feature Garmin’s O.N.E. system. With a track record of innovation in the offroad camper market, Boreas Campers is excited to share the distinctive features of the EOS-12.

Specs of the 2023 Boreas Campers EOS-12:

Images of the EOS-12:

About Boreas Campers: Founded in 2015, Boreas Campers trailers are true offroad and offgrid camper trailers built in Pueblo, Colorado. With heavy duty, zero-wood construction used on all units there is no better way to get off the grid without losing peace of mind. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram, facebook and Youtube @BoreasCampers.

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