EOS-12 - the perfect off grid camper trailer


This American-made camper is the ideal offgrid basecamp for a lifetime of adventures.

The Boreas Campers EOS-12 is filling a gap in the market for an offroad, off grid capable camper trailer that is large enough to have a wet bath and stand inside, but small enough to truly access the backcountry.

All components of the EOS-12 are top quality, American-made whenever available, and over-built to match the overall build ethos of Boreas Campers.

Offroad-Ready Frame

The EOS-12 starts with a heavy duty chassis that utilizes a fully welded, powdercoated, tube steel frame ready to take on any offroad challenge. Having a rock solid foundation is critical for all other components of the build.

The BFG KO2 tires and Method wheels connect the frame to the ground via Cruisemaster XT air suspension. Cruisemaster is out of Australia and has been manufacturing and testing offroad suspension for over 40 years. The XT independent trailing arm suspension utilizes airbags and shocks for an exceptionally smooth towing experience. The setup includes electric drum brakes, parking brake and has a GVWR of 5200 lbs.

The airbags are connected via Bluetooth to the Garmin O.N.E. system that comes standard with the EOS-12 and allows one to auto-level, raise and lower the suspension at the touch of a button. The onboard Viair 485C air compressor is mounted to the underside of the frame and protected with a skid plate and keeps the 5-gallon air tank filled up.

Spacious Cabin

The cabin of the EOS-12 features a permanent Queen bed at the front, oriented east/west. This layout provides more lounge space in the interior and leaves a path next to the twin bed for accessing the wet bath and exit. The mattress can be lifted up to access the fridge and 16 cuft of storage space underneath.

Above the bed is a Tern Overland skylight hatch that can be opened and closed at the push of a button, and has a blackout shade and bug screen built in. A Tern window is on each side of the bed, both of which have the blind/screen and can be opened from the inside.

Two cushioned bench seats flank the butcher block table top in the center of the cabin. The table height can be adjusted and the kitchen-side bench cushions re-assembled into a twin-sized bed, oriented north/south. The cushions use a marine-grade fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Underneath the bench seats is ample storage space.

The wet bath in the rear of the cabin features a Thetford cassette toilet and shower. The toilet is a standard size and is easy to pull the canister from outside the camper. The shower is a wand style and pulls hot water from the 2.6 gallon reservoir of the Truma combi. The shower water drains to the 25 gallon grey water tank. The shower can also be accessed from outside.

A pass-through pantry sits in the rear, passenger side of the cabin with 3 shelves of storage that can be accessed from the outside as well.

The floor is a marine boat decking that is water-resistant, stain proof, and is easy to clean. Dirt does not stick to the materials and it is very comfortable to walk on.

A Tern door allows access to the cabin and includes a full size bug screen that utilizes stainless steel mesh that is the largest screen size without fitting a grizzly claw.

Also inside the cabin are:

  • Dock for the Garmin O.N.E. tablet
  • Speakers
  • 110V and 12V/USB outlet
  • 2 smoke alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Fire extinguisher

Poptop Roof

The single-piece fully molded roof of the cabin is attached at the front and back by two locking, lifting mechanisms. The roof can be popped open or shut by one person. Opening the roof creates an additional 16” of standing room at the rear of the cabin.

The canvas connecting the roof with the cabin includes 4 zippered screens that can be opened to let fresh air in.

A Kitchen Fit For the Backcountry

The EOS-12 is a camper for those that want to be outside. To this end, an outdoor kitchen was a must. Setting up the kitchen outside means there is more available space in the cabin, and oversized kitchen appliances, smells and smoke stay outside.

The kitchen is fully stainless steel which gives it its high quality look and feel. All pull outs are installed on Accuride slides which lock in and out.

From the rear of the camper the 13”x15” sink provides hot and cold water from the 50-gallon fresh water tank. Above the sink is the pass-through pantry that is also accessible in the cabin. Next to the sink is the 3-burner Furrion cooktop stove which has one of the highest outputs on the market of 7500 btu per burner. A wind guard helps protect the flame from gusts.

A pull down tray provides space for drinks and snacks and exposes speakers which connect to the Garmin system, and a 12V/USB outlet for charging accessories.

The Truma cooler slides out of the next bay. Either the 96 liter dual-zone or the 105 liter single-zone cooler can fit in the space and are included standard. The cooler runs off of the batteries, and is a top of the line appliance. It has an overall lower power consumption and larger volume than competitors and comes with the Truma app for changing the temperature on the go.

In the same compartment as the Truma is 13 cuft of storage space, accessible from outside or in.

LED porch lights above the tray and sink ensure the space is  brightly lit. Rock lights under the frame are great for being able to see where you are going without having a bright light. All lights can be controlled via the Garmin system.

Fuel Your Offgrid Adventures

Travelling off the grid means relying on your own power sources, and high quality components of your power system are less likely to fail when you need them most.

300 watts of Zamp solar panels come standard with the option for up to 500 watts. The Victron solar charge controller sends the power to the Battle Born Gamechanger 3 batteries, where 540 ah comes standard with the option for up to 1080ah. A Zamp outlet is installed for portable panels that can augment the power flowing from the rooftop panels.

1 – 20lb propane tank comes standard, with the option to add another 20lb tank. This fuels the cook stove and can be used for the Truma Combi. Having propane is essential if you are boondocking for more than a few days as certain systems (Combi, Truma Aventa A/C) can drain the batteries and depending on how much sunlight is available, can take some time to recharge.

If you are at a campground or want to power up the batteries before leaving, use the 30 amp, marine-grade, locking shore power outlet for all of your power needs.

Control Systems with the Touch of the Garmin O.N.E. System

Stay in control of all the EOS-12 has to offer from one convenient portable tablet. The Garmin O.N.E. tablet connects and controls everything including the solar panel output, battery charge levels, furnace & hot water heater, water pump, air suspension settings, lights, speakers, and A/C. 

Since it's portable, bring it with you in your tow vehicle for navigation and wireless suspension control, have it outside while under the stars to stay in control of your music, and bring it inside at night to shut off lights and keep the cabin temperature comfortable without having to leave bed. When you arrive at your campsite, use it to automatically level the camper while you take in the scenery and get unpacked. 

The Garmin O.N.E. system makes staying comfortable in the backcountry easier than ever. 

Four Season Ready

Don’t be limited to the busy summer camping season. With heated tanks and protected lines the camper is ready for adventures any time of the year.

Drop the roof at night for a fully insulated cabin and to meet the ‘hard-sided campers only’ requirements of Yellowstone and other attractions in bear country.

Stay Prepared in the Backcountry

A full size spare tire provides peace of mind on unmaintained roads where a doughnut is not going to cut it. The spare is housed at the front of the camper.

Both water tanks as well as the 5-gallon air tank are protected by skid plates, which protects them from rocks, roots or undulating ground that can scrape the bottom of the camper.

Fortunately the air suspension allows for up to 20” of ground clearance in those situations, and is kept topped off with the Viair 485C on board air compressor. Add your own accessories to be able to air up tires, stand up paddleboards, kayaks or other toys.

The Perfect Offgrid Setup

The EOS-12 is designed to be the most capable, dependable off grid camper available. And at 20’ long and a 3750 lbs dry weight, it is the perfect size for getting to spots off the beaten path, without sacrificing creature comforts. This American-made camper is the ideal offgrid basecamp for a lifetime of adventures. Get the full spec sheet here

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