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Boreas Campers offers three different models of Cruisemaster independent suspensions for DIY trailer projects. Here we can compare the different types and see which suspension kit is right for you!!!

Selecting the right suspension system for your off-road trailer project is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your camping experience. If you’re serious about getting off the grid Boreas Campers offers three of the best suspension kit options out there: Cruisemaster CRS2, XT Air, and XT Coil. We'll explore the differences between these suspension systems to help you make an informed choice for your project.

First up is the CRS2. CRS stands for Country Road Suspension and this is Cruisemaster’s second iteration of this model. The dual shock system allows for trailer specific adjustability while the simple spring design offers relatively low maintenance. With a 3500lb weight capacity it is the lightest in the lineup, but it still packs a punch.

It's an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth ride, both on the road and off. CRS2 provides excellent stability, reducing sway and body roll during travel. This is particularly beneficial for those who want a comfortable and controlled ride.

The CRS2 is also very low maintenance. A few pumps of lithium grease every few months to keep the swingarm bushings fresh is all the system requires to stay maintained and ready for the trail. The bearing and hub system requires the same maintenance schedule as any generic travel trailer and, if maintained, will be reliable for many thousands of miles.

For those looking for a smaller, more nimble setup the CRS2 is the best option if you can keep your project under the 3500lb limit.

The CRS2 kit comes with the suspension system, weldable hangers and shock mounts, shocks, 10” electric brakes, e-brake cable system, and 10” drums with a 6 by 5.5 bolt pattern.

Up next we have the XT coil suspension, often referred to as the CRS2’s bigger brother. The XT has the same simple dual shock and spring ride system, but is longer and provides more travel than the CRS2. With a 5200lb axle weight rating it is also designed for larger trailers with bigger wheel and tire combinations.

It's an excellent choice for those who plan on building a longer or taller trailer built to handle rough terrain and able to handle less forgiving trail conditions.

Just like the CRS2, the maintenance schedule is very simple and you can expect to go many thousands of miles on and off-road with very little maintenance.

The XT Coil kit comes with the suspension system, weldable hangers and shock mounts, shocks, 12” electric brakes, e-brake cable system, and 12” drums with a 6 by 5.5 bolt pattern.

Lastly we have the Cruisemaster XT Air suspension system. While this system is the most complicated, it does offer the most flexibility, adjustability, and capability out of the Cruisemaster lineup. Not to mentioned the XT Air suspension provides the smoothest ride out of the three options we offer. With this particular airbag suspension you can expect to have up to 8” of height adjustability with your trailer and you can adjust each side independently. This can definitely come in handy on and off the trail. Just like the coil version this suspension is built to handle 5200lbs of trailer weight, but it will require a little bit more fore thought as you plan out your trailer build.

Being an airbag suspension system the trailer will obviously require some sort of compressed air source. Ideally there is some sort of powered pump and air tank onboard the trailer so users can deflate and inflate the airbags as needed. There are many options for electronic or manual air suspension controllers and you can have a fully adjustable independent trailer suspension system for relatively little cost.

If you’re savvy with suspension systems and electronics it is possible to have programmable ride heights and auto leveling functions with the aid of an electronic control system and a couple inclinometers. While we don’t expect your average DIY trailer to have these functions, we do want those interested to know that it is definitely possible with the right mind or minds behind the project.

The XT Air is a suspension system designed to provide enhanced comfort and adjustability for your trailer. It's ideal for those who frequently travel on uneven terrain or seek a customizable suspension setup.

The XT Air kit comes with the suspension system, air bags, air hose, weldable hangers and shock mounts, shocks, 12” electric brakes, e-brake cable system, and 12” drums with a 6 by 5.5 bolt pattern.

The choice between Cruisemaster CRS2, XT Air, and XT Coil depends on your specific travel needs and preferences. If your trailer is on the smaller side and you need a stable, low-maintenance suspension, Cruisemaster CRS2 is an excellent choice. If your plans require something more heavy duty, but you still dig the simplicity and low maintenance of a spring suspension, the XT Coil would work perfectly. For those who value comfort and adjustability on various terrains, the XT Air offers customization and a smoother ride.

With the right suspension, you'll enjoy a smoother, more comfortable journey, whether you're cruising down the highway or venturing off the beaten path. Cruisemaster has been making off-road suspensions for over 40 years and is arguably the best independent suspension manufacturer in the industry. If you’re serious about getting off the grid, Cruisemaster is the most reliable and heavy duty option out there.

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