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Campsite Setup Ideas For You and Your Family


Learn important aspects of how to set up a campsite

Whether you are an avid camper or an outdoor adventure aficionado, or a timid beginner searching for a travel trailer manufacturer, there is one universal underlying truth: there is no such thing as being overly prepared for camping. 

The better prepared you are, the safer, and the more enjoyable your experience will be. In this article, we will examine a couple of things to keep in mind that are important in the campsite setup. 

Organizing Camp Gear At Home

A great camping experience outdoors actually begins indoors at your home. There are numerous handy checklists out there to give you some nifty campsite setup ideas and help you pack everything you need and check it off your list. We suggest using a checklist unless you want yourself looking for personal hygiene products out in the wild. 

Make sure your checklist includes campsite essentials, tools and repair items, kitchen related items, campsite extras, clothing and footwear, health, and hygiene products to complete your campsite setup. 

Once you have your checklist ready, you can gather all your stuff together and examine gear that has been sitting in storage. Check that your tent has everything it needs, that your first-aid kit has been replenished after your last trip, and that your utensil assortment and tool gear is complete. 

If you have a bundle of kids following you around the house, make them responsible for packing their things in a duffel bag. That way they won’t complain if you have forgotten to pack their favorite stuffed toy, plus it gives you more time to pack more essential items than worry about Mr. Snuggles. 

camping kitchen setup

When you are packing and going through your checklist try to keep your gear organized according to their use. Keep a separate camp box for your camping kitchen setup, another for personal hygiene items, and so on. Having everything organized makes it much easier to find what you are looking for when you are looking for it.  

Perhaps one of the most basic campsite setup ideas is this: pack strategically. Keep headlamps and flashlights, the tent, rainwear, insulation, and first aid kids where you can access them quickly in case of emergency scenarios.  

Established Campgrounds

Established campgrounds are a favorite among beginner campers because they offer several amenities that make campsite setup easier. They typically provide picnic tables, restrooms, and sometimes water pumps. If you are camping in bear country, established campsites have bear poles where you can store your food and keep Yogi the bear and his friends from stealing your lunch. 

There are numerous right camping spots for trailers if you are looking for RV campsite setup ideas or tent camping in established campgrounds. Campgrounds typically have a flat area for your shelter and a fire ring. Campsites designed for a trailer or RV may even have electrical or water hookups and other campground amenities. 

Keeping Organized In Camp

Now let’s move on to the practicalities of campsite setup. 

Pitch Your Tent

campsite setup

  1. Remove any rocks from the area where you plan to pitch your tent. (Rocks can be very annoying under your sleeping bag!) 
  2. Lay a tarp and use it as a tent footprint on the ground where the tent will be, to protect the bottom of your tent. 
  3. Find which way the wind blows and arrange the door of your tent to open away from the wind direction. This way, in case of rain, you won’t have rain coming in your tent through the door. 
  4. Pitch your tent by staking the corners out first and putting the poles together. Place the poles’ ends in grommets (or on hooks) around the edge of the tent. The poles will bend into an arc giving the structure of your tent. 
  5. Once your tent is set you need to put the waterproof rainfly on. Usually, rainfly buckles to your tent’s body or has grommets that slide over the ends of the tent poles. 
  6. Organize your sleeping ground within your tent. Put your sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow inside your tent. Remember that moisture accumulates on your tent walls so anything that directly touches your tent’s inside walls may get wet. 
  7. A final word of caution for your campsite setup: keep food away from your tent. It will attract bears or rodents. 

Arrange The Rest Of Your Campsite

RV campsite setup ideas

  1. Locate the bathroom if you are in an established campground. If you are primitive camping, designate a toilet area. 
  2. Check area regulations, especially when it comes to setting up a campfire. 
  3. Set up your seating near the fire pit and place your lanterns around. 
  4. Organize your camping kitchen setup and picnic table.  
  5. Think about food storage and trash disposal and make sure you keep the campsite clean. 

Campsite Setup With RV

When you are setting up your campsite with an RV, remember to follow these RV campsite setup ideas:

  1. Fill your freshwater tank beforehand at the campgrounds’ water station.
  2. Inspect your site on foot before maneuvering your RV. Find the optimal location and avoid uneven ground or other obstacles such as big rocks and fallen trees. When you are ready to drive your RV and park it, have someone carefully guide you. 
  3.  Situate your RV so that it is level from side to side. If you need to, use leveling blocks. 
  4. Use wheel chocks to secure your RV.
  5. If you are using a towable RV, unhitch the tow vehicle and lower the jack to ensure that your RV is level from front to back. 
  6. If applicable, connect your RV to power, water, and sewer. 

Using New Campsite Setup Ideas on Your Next Trip

Nothing beats the experience of camping outdoors and soaking in all the wonders of nature. If you are not a tent aficionado and are eager to camp but don’t have an RV, there are plenty of camper rentals to explore. Whatever you choose, make sure to follow these campsite setup ideas! 

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