The XT is a great basecamp for Colorado Gravel Races


The XT is a great platform for attending gravel races as it can easily hold multiple bikes, is equipped to go offroad where races are often held, and has everything you need to be comfortable before and after the event.

Biking on gravel is becoming more popular as riders seek to avoid risks of road and mountain biking. Gravel is a nice medium for getting miles in, typically in more remote locations that offer beautiful views off the beaten path.

Gravel races have grown as a result, and typically occur in rural areas where gravel roads are plentiful. These races are often a great way to plan a fun trip to a cool destination with the bonus of a race to add an extra level of accomplishment.

The XT is a great platform for attending these races as it can easily hold multiple bikes, is equipped to go offroad where the events are often held, and have everything larger RVs have to be comfortable before and after the event.

My husband, father-in-law and I attended the Wild Horse Gravel race in DeBeque, Colorado, with my husband and I in our XT.

Having all terrain tires helped as we drove on the rutted out dirt road that took us to the field where camping was hosted for the event, held at a large farm in the high desert of the Western Slope. We got our site and were able to immediately open the kitchen and grab a snack and rest before the race the next morning.

We had our bikes on the 1UP bike rack in the front 2” hitch receiver. We appreciate having our bikes on the front hitch so we can see them in the rear view mirror, they don’t get tossed around as much as they would in the back, and they don’t extend the overall length of our setup. When you invest in nice bikes this is a really great feature. The hitch receiver can hold up to 3 bikes, while another 2 can go on top of the toolbox. If you need more bikes along there is room on the roof rack and the front hitch receiver. And don't forget the tow vehicle if you're bringing the whole team!

Once settled we took a leisurely bike ride to get welcome bags, scout out the starting line, and enjoy a drink and some live music with the other race participants. Camping on site for an event like this is half the fun since you don’t have to worry about driving to and from a hotel.

In the morning we were well rested from a night on the 4.5” memory foam mattress and heated cabin. We took our time (seeing as we were 100 yards from the starting line), cooked up some fresh coffee and eggs and moseyed over to the start.

I had declined to do the race as I was pregnant at the time, so after cheering them off I started my own itinerary. I got on my bike for the first few miles of the race route, came back and took a shower (+the shower enclosure is great for having privacy in open areas!) (++a hot outdoor shower on a beautiful day is one of the most glorious feelings), made a hot sandwich and enjoyed a cool beverage with a book while I waited for them to return.

Around the time they were scheduled to finish I made my way to the start/finish line to watch them come over the line. They finished strong with hands up and grins wide.

After a quick recap of their ride we went back to the XT where they changed, cracked a cold one and sat down to really dissect the adventure. We had a lovely relaxing evening with more live music and a great nights sleep. We headed back home in the morning. It was the perfect weekend with beautiful scenery, a fun objective and our ideal gravel race basecamp!

Boreas Campers is excited to sponsor the Grassroots Gravel race in Pueblo, Colorado on Oct 14, 2023. Camp at Lake Pueblo State Park to have a 10-minute drive or ~6 mile ride to the starting line outside of Fuel & Iron in downtown Pueblo. With routes that range from 15 – 110 miles there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a gravel race in Colorado this is a great one to check out. And put it on your radar for gravel races in 2024.

Learn more here and make sure to check out the XT at the event expo after the race!

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