Camping Accessories : Solo Stove


A smokeless, easy to clean fire pit is our first highlighted camping accessory product

The Solo Stove has been a staple at our campsites for years. The stainless steel wonders are designed with air intakes at the base which brings the temperature of the fire up considerably. This in turn, makes the fire burn so hot that it does not produce smoke. Have you ever been the miserable person that the smoke seems to follow no matter where you sit around the campfire? Then this stove is for you :) 

We also like it because it makes for easy cleanup in the morning with just a little ash to dump (after pouring water on it in the evening because it's normally still hot) after the high heat burns everything down. 

It's also a bit of a stress reliever as you don't have to worry about finding or creating a fire ring to contain your fire, and without embers flying there is a smaller chance of debris jumping out and starting a fire.

We have the Bonfire Solo Stove available with the Boreas logo engraved on the side, and Ranger units available as well. Each come with the stand. 

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