Camper Storage Ideas to Make Your Next Trip More Enjoyable


A camper can be a small space but with our camper storage ideas you can decrease clutter and increase your enjoyment. Let us help you keep your camper organized.

No matter which of the many trailer manufacturers made your camper, you are probably wondering how to increase space in a pop up camper, a small space. You want to enjoy your trip, but if your camper itself is not organized, your trip may be more frustrating than you would like it to be. It is extremely important to know where each of your needed items is. Being able to access these items when you need them without having to hunt for them will make your trips much more enjoyable. Read through our camper storage ideas to help keep your camper as tidy as possible.

Preparation for Camper Organization

Before you get started with organizing anything, you should prepare for your camper organization. The first step is to create a list of everything that you have. This can be a tedious task, but it is difficult to organize this small space without a comprehensive list.

The next of our travel trailer storage ideas is to keep only the things that you need. You should look at each item and think about the last time that you used it. If you have not used it within the past several trips, chances are good you can take it out of your trailer.

You should now find a place for everything that you intend to keep in your trailer. This includes bike helmets, keys, fly swatters, and the trash can. When everything has a place, it will be easy to put things away later on.

One of the best pop up camper storage ideas for the long term is the “one in, one out” rule. This means that if you bring one thing into your camper, you must take out another thing. You most likely do not need two fly swatters or more mugs than people camping.

Using Storage Containers for Camper Organizing

Some good trailer storage box ideas include using containers to keep everything organized. You can use kitchen storage containers for plates and utensils. You can use containers in the sleeping area for things you might want to keep next to you while you sleep, such as phone chargers. Containers make excellent pop up camper storage solutions for all of those little things, including spices, plastic bags, food, and other small items.

Storing Items on Hooks

One of the more affordable storage ideas for small campers is hooks. You can find hooks that stick to the walls of your campers, so you do not need to leave any holes. While they can be used to hang clothes, they are useful for many more things too. For example, a hook with a suction cup can be used to hang up a towel or even an entire cosmetic rack. You can also put a hook on the door for items to be handy before you leave.

You can also find hooks that go over the door. These are very easy to place, and you can use them for heavier items, including umbrellas or wet jackets. You can quickly relocate these hooks to another door too. For example, you could place them outside for dripping items and then move them inside once your items have dried.

Saving Space With Items

Choosing the right space-saving pop up camper accessories can go a long way. There are several items that you can get to save space, including:

  • Kettle: Choose an electric kettle that you can plug into an outlet and put away when you are done.
  • Cooking gear: Look for cooking gear that can multitask, such as tongs and other basic utensils.
  • Collapsible dish rack: You can quickly put the dish rack away when the dishes are dry.
  • Garbage collapsible bag holder: After you take out the trash, you can collapse the bag holder.
  • Pop up light: You can put away the light when you are not using it.

Storing Your Clothes

Warm clothes can take up a lot of space, making camper organization difficult. However, if you roll your clothes tightly, they will not take up as much room.

If you are making a long trip, you may need extra sheets. To fold sheets to take up as little space as possible, lay the sheet out on a bed as you are folding it. Press out the air each time you make a fold in the sheet.

Using divided organizers can help you keep your different types of clothing sorted. This will keep you from mixing up your T-shirts with your bottoms. This will also allow you to locate everything within seconds.

Using pop up camper hanging storage is also a good idea. You can find a closet organizer that can save you space. The divided holders can help you organize a variety of items, including shoes and accessories.

Taking Advantage of Your Vehicle

You can also use your tow vehicle for even more storage. Your trunk and interior of your car can hold more items than you might think. Remove any unnecessary items before your trip to make room for the things you need.

To help free up space during your camper organizing, you can also find seat covers that come with storage built into them. The pockets in the back can hold lint rollers, atlases, and cleaning wipes. Your vehicle’s trunk is an excellent place to store bulkier items that you may not use as often, including blankets or step ladders. You can also use the roof of your vehicle for larger items, including bicycles and surfboards.

If you want more inspiration, here's some additional ideas, specific to a van setup.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you have recently bought a camper or have had one for years, we hope you have learned some good camper organizer ideas! If you have great tips for organizing an off road camper, let us know!

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