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Boreas Campers Dealer Profile: Outbound Offroad


Learn more about our east coast dealer!

At Boreas Campers we’re proud to partner with exceptional dealers. We want to profile their backgrounds and introduce the owners behind the scenes!

First up is our East Coast dealer: Outbound Offroad, owned by Graham and Tricia Wales. They have a knack for finding adventures, but found the outdoors in different ways. Graham grew up camping and spending weekends in a cabin or at the beach. Tricia is from Singapore, which is a country composed of a single city, but was attracted to the outdoors and was a PE teacher.

They met while working at the same SCUBA outfit and enjoyed many dive trips and outdoor activities together. They knew from an early stage that they wanted to make that a lifestyle. They got married and decided to celebrate with a 7 month overland honeymoon in Africa! Graham wrote a book about the trip if you want to know all of the details, but he shared one good story that we have to pass on:

While visiting the Fish River Canyon in Namibia they entered the park through a washed out ditch. They enjoyed the view, but then realized their vehicle was stuck in the sand. They dug all day and were only able to lurch forward before the wheels became just as stuck as they were in the beginning. After a full day of digging in the hot African summer, their water sources were depleted. There was a pool of water a foot and a half wide that some zebras had rooted out. It was too shallow to collect anything with a  canteen and too silty to drink straight from a lifestraw. So Graham took the last thing he had on, his underwear, soaked it in the water hole and wrung it out in a canteen which could then be filtered out with the lifestraw. Hey if you are in survival mode you do what you have to do!

offroad vehicle stuck in sandoffroad vehicle stuck in sandcouple in front of an offroad vehicle

The next morning they dug again for hours with the same results. They hiked back to the road and flagged down the tour bus that came along 2 hours later. Eventually they got the help they needed (they didn’t realize on their new-to-them vehicle that they had to manually engage the 4WD lockers) and were able to get unstuck.

camp setup in back of offroad vehiclefixing an offroad vehicle

After their Africa tour they came back to the US and purchased a Conqueror offroad camper trailer, with the plan to rent it out. They moved to Phoenix, thinking the market there was more exposed to the overland camper world. Conqueror reached out after learning they were renting their trailer to see if they wanted to sell the units as well. They decided it was a go and Outbound Offroad was born. Matt, the owner of Boreas Campers, called a few months later to see if they’d be interested in carrying the Boreas.

After being in Phoenix for two years, they decided to move back to North Carolina to be near family. They’ve been very happily surprised by the strength of the market for offroad campers on the East Coast.

If you’re looking to buy or rent a Boreas Campers offroad trailer on the East coast check out Outbound Offroad in Raleigh, North Carolina. And ask for a story from their Africa trip while you’re there!

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