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Offroad suspension, heavy duty chassis, solar, battery, water and furnace make Boreas Campers models the perfect hunting trailer camper.

Unleash Your Hunting Adventures with Boreas Campers: The Ultimate Hunting Trailer Camper

As hunting enthusiasts know, a successful and rewarding hunt requires more than just skill. It necessitates meticulous planning, strategic positioning, and the right equipment. Your basecamp serves as the hub for your hunting escapades, offering comfort, convenience, and the tools required to venture into the wilderness and return with tales of conquest.

Do you already own a hunting trailer camper or are considering purchasing one to serve as a basecamp for your next hunting adventure?

Consider this scenario:

As hunters, we’ve all been there during scouting season. You’ve looked at the map over and over again all summer and you finally get to head out and see what it looks like in person. As you go down the forest roads and get closer to that pin on the map the road becomes more difficult to navigate. You lock into four wheel drive and before you even get to the end of the road you’re already faced with an ultimatum. You can probably get your vehicle to the end of this road, but it’s a little too rough for the camper and it's unfortunately going to have to stay behind if you want to hunt here.

What if you didn’t have to make that compromise? What if you had the confidence to know that your hunting trailer camper can make it down almost any road? What if you could have the comforts of an RV deep in the backcountry where other hunters would be forced to backpack in?

Enter Boreas Campers, a name synonymous with rugged durability and innovation in the world of adventure trailers. For those who revel in the thrill of the hunt, Boreas Campers provides the ideal basecamp that is crucial to enhancing your hunting experience. In this blog, we’ll explore the two models of Boreas Campers and why either can be perfect choice as a basecamp for hunting expeditions.

Boreas Campers are built to withstand the harshest of terrains and weather conditions

Crafted with high-quality, weatherproof materials and off-grid engineering, these campers are ready to brave the elements, ensuring that your shelter remains sturdy and secure, regardless of the conditions.

Boreas Campers are designed with off-road capabilities in mind

Allowing you to reach remote hunting grounds that would be otherwise inaccessible. With features like all-terrain tires, Cruisemaster axle-less suspension, and high ground clearance, these campers can handle the roughest trails with ease.

Light and small Boreas Campers XT

The first model we’ll delve into is the Boreas Campers XT. Being the lightest and smallest in the lineup makes it the most ideal to navigate backcountry roads and outperform the rigs of your fellow hunters. The design is a modern take on the classic teardrop style camper, but don’t think that its small form factor means you need to sacrifice essential features and amenities.

XT Specs

With a 16’ length, independent spring suspension, 19” of ground clearance, and a fully-welded, steel tube chassis, and a dry weight of 2200 lbs, it’s built tough and ready to go wherever you can put your finger on the map. The cabin features a full queen size, memory foam mattress, a 6,500 BTU heater, full LED lighting, and plenty of power points to charge your devices after a long day on the trail.

The outdoor kitchen provides everything you need to cook a hot, nourishing meal after a long day. You have a dual burner stove, 60 liter fridge, sink with running water, large stainless steel counter for prep, and plenty of storage for all your dry food and cooking utensils. It even has an instant hot water shower to wash away a long day or trekking through the wilderness. In short the XT has multiple amenities that a tent camper would dream of, but still small and nimble enough to navigate up the same difficult trails.

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Four Season Offgrid Luxury with the EOS-12

For those looking for a little extra luxury in the backcountry the Boreas Campers EOS-12 has even more amenities to support the most demanding hunting crew. Coming in at 19’ long and a 3,750 dry weight with the same chassis construction as the XT, you’ll be a little bit longer on the trail, but you’ll gain so much more than just a few feet of trailer space.

The EOS-12 is truly a 4 season camper with all the bells and whistles to keep you comfortable whether it’s 92 degrees or -2 degrees. With nearly the same off-road capabilities as the XT including 20” of ground clearance, fully articulating hitch coupler, and an improved airbag suspension with auto-leveling, you’ll have no problem making it up the trail. The cabin has room for 4 people and even has a full wet bath and toilet inside the camper. No need to go outside to use the bathroom.

Gourmet Kitchen for the Backcountry

Outside you’ll see all the familiar kitchen amenities of the XT, but with more space and even bigger specs. The pull-out stainless kitchen has running hot and cold water, a 3 burner stove with window guard, and more storage for cooking utensils below. The underbed pull-out fridge is upgraded to 96 liters and has dual zones for a fridge/freezer combo. This can also be accessed from the inside and outside of the camper.

The EOS-12 also has an outdoor shower on the driver’s side to wash off muddy boots or clean hands after skinning. With 50 gallons of fresh water onboard, 40 gallons of grey water, and tank heaters for both, you’ll have no problem staying completely off the grid for those weeklong hunting expeditions.

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Hunting is more than just a hobby; it's a way of life for many who seek to reconnect with their primal instincts and challenge themselves against the forces of nature. As you embark on your next hunting expedition, consider Boreas Campers for your hunting trailer camper. With unparalleled durability, off-road capabilities, and thoughtfully designed amenities, Boreas Campers provide the perfect blend of comfort and ruggedness needed for a successful and unforgettable hunting journey. Answer the call of the wild and let Boreas Campers be your trusted companion on the path to adventure, discovery, and the thrill of the hunt.

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