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Garmin tablet in the Boreas Campers EOS-12 offroad camper


The suspension, temperature, lighting, music, battery and water systems of the EOS-12 are integrated into the Garmin Fusion One system.

For a fully integrated RV experience, there’s only one choice. Combining industry-leading Garmin, Fusion®  and EmpirBus™ technology, the Garmin solution for RVs provides a completely connected system. Effortless control, superior navigation and top-of-the-line entertainment let you have an on-the-road experience like no other. And this system is available now on the Boreas Campers EOS-12

Boreas Campers is excited to be the first offroad US RV manufacturer to fully integrate the Garmin tablet with a camper.

Using the Garmin tablet included standard with the EOS-12, you can:

  • auto-level the Cruisemaster XT airbag suspension
  • adjust the temperature in the cabin
  • turn on and dim all interior and exterior lights
  • adjust the volume on both speaker zones
  • view battery gauge
  • view clear and grey water tank levels
  • utilize maps integration

Cruisemaster XT Airbag Independent Suspension

Cruisemaster has been building and testing offroad RV suspension for over 40 years in the Outback of Australia. The XT suspension is a swing-arm independent air bag suspension system with a GWVR of 5200 lbs.

The auto-level function works at the touch of a button and uses an onboard inclinometer to level the camper within .3 degrees.

The onboard compressor will fill the airbags for a max ground clearance of 20” (use for water crossings) and deflate down to 14” (to avoid low-hanging trees ). From min to max takes less than 30 seconds.

Determine your preferred highway driving preferences and create a setting that you can come back to with the touch of a button.

Cabin Temperature Control with the Truma Combi Eco Plus

The Truma Combi Eco Plus is both the furnace and hot water heater on the EOS-12. Able to use either propane, solar-powered electric or a combination of both, the unit can bring the interior temperature to 86 degrees while operating at near-silence.

The EOS-12 comes standard with a Maxxair fan, which can be turned on and off from the Garmin tablet. The Truma Aventa is the optional A/C unit, which can be turned on/off and auto modes to set and forget the preferred temperature.

Interior and Exterior LED Lighting

The EOS-12 sports all LED lights for both interior and exterior, powered by the solar panels.

The 4 interior lights illuminate the bed, dining, bathroom and main cabin, with dimming capabilities in the bed, dining and main area.

The dimmable exterior lights cover the kitchen, entry, driver’s side, toolbox and rock lights.

Fusion One Speaker System

The dual-zone Fusion speaker system allows you to sync your phone to play tunes in the cabin, exterior, or both. Adjust the volume, skip songs, set EQ preferences in the Garmin Fusion app.

Gamechanger Lithium Batteries

The EOS-12 comes standard with 540Ah of lithium batteries, with the option to add 540Ah more. These batteries power all electrical systems on the camper.

The view on the tablet allows you to see the current charge-level in the batteries, the power the batteries are receiving from the solar panels, control the amount of power that the camper can draw from shore power at any given time (up to a max of 30 amps), and turn the charger on or off.

Clear and Grey Insulated Water Tanks

The 50 gallon clear and 25 gallon grey water levels are shown on the Garmin tablet. From here one can also turn the tank heaters and water pump (for the sink and shower) on and off.

On this page one can set the power source for the Truma combi (propane, shore power or solar ) and adjust the hot water settings (on or eco).

All systems can be controlled by downloading the Garmin app on a smartphone. Learn more about this state of the art system on the EOS-12 by setting up an in-person or virtual appointment today!

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